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Big Data analysis is one of the latest developments in data science. It has become the new obsession of many technology companies, and almost every stakeholder in the industry is investing in it. It revolves around the utilization of huge amounts of data to build better and practical models that help provide solutions to complex problems. With the recent upgrade in our processing speeds, it is entirely possible now to go through terabytes of information in a few seconds. Big Data is an application of better processing and distributed networks. It breaks down huge chunks into smaller bits that are then processed separately into usable forms and then finally merged to get interpretable results. It is extremely useful in finding hidden insights that were not obvious to companies before.


Hadoop is the base technology that facilitates the working of many big data models. It is a set of professional applications that make use of data distribution and clustered networks. After distributing the data to several systems, the users need some utilities to decide how the data has to be processed. Hadoop takes care of this through many methodologies, including the MapR program. It is one of the most popular frameworks available in the market, and it is utilized by several corporations for their data analysis practices. Several certifications exist which help companies identify people proficient in this work. Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon are some companies that are dabbling in this line of research.



There are several ways to achieve a Big Data Hadoop Certification. Although most players in the market will recommend you to play with the application yourself and build something usable and practical as the best way to kickstart your career, it is alright if candidates want to acquaint themselves with the fundamentals first. The Hadoop industry has a lot of entities that help candidates get accredited. Some of them focus on practicality, and some emphasize the fundamentals before letting the candidates do their own thing. Simplilearn, Edureka, and Cloudera are the most popular information sources. They provide quality tools and online resources to help the individuals learn the details of the Hadoop program.



Simplilearn offers the Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer course as a part of its Data Engineer program. This course helps individuals get the requisite practical skills to begin their career in the field. It introduces the individual to the Hadoop infrastructure, the concept of distributed storage, the MapR framework, and Apache Hive. Users get to understand the concept of integrating data to executable code and processing the information to get understandable results. This serves as a great introductory training routine for most aspirants.


Cloudera also provides a course regarding this subject called the CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer. It is more of an exam than a training program. In order to get certified, candidates have to perform a certain number of cluster tasks on the Enterprise software. The exam lasts for about two hours. Candidates can make use of tools such as Impala and Apache Hive to solve the problems as well. Although there are certain basic skills that aspirants require to be able to answer the questions of the exam, there are no strict eligibility criteria that they need to pass so they can sit for the test.



Data scientists are in high demand since the IT industry has been facing issues with warehousing their data. These employees are able to format this unstructured, and unorganized data sets into more understandable forms. They make use of various tools and techniques to modify this data into visual forms or insights which help the employers to get an idea about the future of the business and take necessary steps towards removing the expected hurdles. Since forecasting is a skill that untrained officials do not have, big data engineers and Hadoop experts get paid a lot for the work they do.


According to Glassdoor, big data engineers get paid $110,000 per year on an average which is much more compared to what the data analysts get. This is because Hadoop enthusiasts build practical programs that are deliverable products for many companies. Their salaries can go as high as $150,000 per year with experience. Therefore, any certification in this field can lead to lucrative job opportunities that are hard to pass. Candidates should always be on the lookout for better certifications and any course changes offered by companies like Cloudera and Edureka. The industry changes really fast as companies such as Google and IBM make newer developments in the field, and so does the way in which we process information.

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