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Your precious little doll, who goes to school and has a ton of friends will be turning ten this year. You think in your head, ‘they grow up so fast and become teary-eyed. You want to throw your little angel an out-of-this-world surprise birthday party, one she’ll never forget! This birthday is more important for you as a parent than it is for her because ten is a big number- adolescence will follow shorty. Pre-teens or teens will not let you decide how they should celebrate their birthday. From then on they will ‘tell you’ how ‘they’ wish to celebrate, so this is probably the last time you’ll get to throw her a surprise party. Following are the steps you can take to plan a memorable party without hassle using the internet and an online chat app.

  1. Search for party theme ideas:

Before you get started with your decorations you need to look for a theme, one that you think your daughter will love. It could be her favorite cartoon character or maybe some character from a book she is very fond of. There will be several wonderful themes available on the internet but you’ll have to pick one that suits your budget. You can even search for cost-effective ideas for decoration that require creativity more than money.

  1. Decide your menu:

With all the variety out there it’ll difficult to select the perfect party menu. Other than browsing the internet you can ask your social media friends for recommendations. You can even create a chat group with some of your friends who have kids around the same age and ask them to give their ideas. Generally, though, ten years old’s will enjoy tasty and colorful-looking snacks which they can easily consume while jumping and skipping around.

  1. Games for girls:

Since it’s a girl’s birthday party you want it to be full of magical fairytale things. Girl’s at this age mostly love having little tea parties, doing make-up, and having sleepovers. Depending on the weather, you can set up little corners, one where there are a little table and chairs, another where there’s a table with toy make-up on it, and the third one with a mattress and super soft cushiony pillows.

  1. Gifts and giveaways:

Your daughter will be most contented if her friends feel happy and elated throughout the party. But even after the party, you don’t want to see any sad faces so you’ll have to make some adorable little goody bags with some delicious treats inside. The goody bags should consist of some sweet items and some other shiny things. Ten-year-old girls would be excited to find little trinkets and maybe some hair decoration accessories.

  1. Music and songs:

No party is complete without an event-appropriate playlist and in this case, one the kids would love. Browse the internet and text your friends through online chat apps to ask for song recommendations. Make sure you add all of your daughter’s favorite songs to the playlist. The list should consist of happy songs with clean lyrics. You don’t want to depress a bunch of ten-year-olds with sad semi-classical numbers!

  1. Make a guest list:

Once you’ve decided on the theme, the songs, the menu, and the games, you can finally sit down and decide who you want to invite to the party. This won’t be an easy task. Your little princess is very popular among her classmates and not inviting them might break their little hearts. If you can afford to invite everyone well and well, but if there are over twenty students in her class you might have to pick and choose the ones she is closest to.

  1. Invite guests with an e-card:

Take some cute and fun ideas for an e-card from the internet. Put in all the important details such as date, day, venue, and a note if you want them to dress up according to the theme. Create a group using your online app and add the parents of all the kids you wish to invite. Once that’s done you can share the e-card in your group and ask everyone to confirm their availability.

A birthday party means so much to the little ones that you can’t help but fret over how the party will turn out after all the effort you put into it. Kids, however, are often unpredictable so you might not get the reaction you were hoping for. Don’t lose heart though, because you did the best you could within your means. Online chat apps enable us to get in touch with other parents who are experiencing similar challenges. You can build a community on social media where you can interact with like-minded parents and seek input for every challenge that comes your way.

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