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What does it mean to be hospitable? Being friendly, welcoming, warm, and helpful to visitors or guests. This is what the hospitality industry is all about and it’s not surprising that the industry strives majorly on top-notch customer service. The hospitality industry is vast and it is an umbrella term that covers many businesses. Here, David Antico, a renowned manager in hospitality and produce industries sheds more light on the main services that fall under hospitality. 

‘Any business that tends to be proving services, making people feel welcomed or providing leisures and comfort is most likely under hospitality industry, David Antico says. Although there are many businesses that can be categorized as hospitality, it all falls under the Big Four which are:

Food and Beverage

The F&B is the largest segment and the top-selling sector in the industry. It involves the process of preparing, presenting, and serving food and beverages to guests or visitors. With the rising number of business meetings, casual dates, or a range of social events, the food and beverage industry work to fulfill those needs. This can be restaurants, bars, or lounges and it can be a part of a hotel, cinemas, or game theatres. When a hotel for instance off has a restaurant or bar, it provides convenience and outstanding food which further boosts the customer experience. 

Travel and Tourism

This is one industry that has contributed immensely to both tourists and the host communities. Travel and tourism involve the act of moving from countries or place to another and it can either be for business or personal purposes. This can either be through buses, ships, planes, cabs or any other means of transportations. ‘Hence, whether it’s for leisure or business purposes, traveling will require you to lodge in a hotel, dine in restaurants, go out for entertainment and recreation, and payout for transportation. When all these are involved, you are spending on hospitality, David Antico explains.  


When people travel or stay away from home for more than a day, they need a place to rest, keep their luggage, eat, and stay safe. The hotel and lodging sector deals with this aspect as they provide accommodation and food to the guests. David Antico says lodgings provide more than a place to lay heads though. They take care of people and make them feel at home while away from home. They turn strangers into friends and make them feel good. Different types of lodging businesses include hotels, inns, resort hotels, guest houses, motels, and many more. The target market includes business travels, leisure travelers, airlines, military, long or short stay travelers. 


Recreation no doubt is great for your physical, mental, and overall well-being and it’s any activity you do for rest and enjoyment. Businesses that help in keeping the body and soul together while helping you to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy are recreations. Movie theatres, sports, theatres, zoos, amusement parks, museums, and part of the types of recreations businesses. 

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David Antico
David Antico
David Antico a Senior Executive and entrepreneur with a breadth of sales and management experience across both the hospitality and produce industries domestically and internationally. Previous management and/or ownership of 5 separate hotels.

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