As you are probably aware that a boarding school for students is a place where students stay on the campus in hostels or dormitories for an entire term and go home only during vacations. They remain under the supervision of hostel wardens. A school, on the other hand, sees the student only for the duration of the classes. While each system has its pros and cons, there are certain factors based on which we can make a comparison before making a decision.


All parents know that a day boarding school is costlier than the day school but they may not be aware of the reasons behind the difference in costs. A day school boarding, like International School Gurgaon, is like a second home to the student. Education apart, it provides him accommodation, meals, security, health services, school stationery, and so on. All this naturally entails a higher cost but is justified considering the welfare of the child.

Builds confidence and self-reliance:

The environment in a day boarding school makes children learn to do their own tasks. They learn to become self-reliant by purchasing their own essential items, taking care of their laundry, getting ready on time, etc. This makes them more disciplined than day school students. Boarding school students, like International School Gurgaon, also stand to gain more self-confidence than their day school counterparts as they have the opportunity to explore more by meeting new children and participating in group activities.

Constant guidance:

This is a major advantage of a boarding school. A day school student may not get sufficient time to have his doubts clarified as teachers are present only for limited periods of time. On the other hand, most boarding schools allow students the freedom to reach out to their teachers throughout the day. Another advantage of a boarding school is related to student-teacher ratio. A boarding school, on the other hand, has lesser students per teacher and thus students receive more attention. This is often reflected in the better academic performance of day school boarding as compared to day schools.

All round development:

All parents are aware of the important role of extra-curricular activities in the overall development of a child. Day schools, even though they promote extra-curricular activities, cannot provide sufficient time to the student to nurture his non-academic skills. A day school boarding gives a student this much-needed space. A boarding student learns to adjust to different conditions and comes to interact with students of various backgrounds, places and attitudes. He is better imparted with qualities, like teamwork and leadership. It has also been proven in studies that students from boarding schools learn to better respect and appreciate people of the opposite gender in their daily exchanges.

Safety, care, and supervision:

A boarding school has the responsibility of taking care of the student all 24 hours. For this reason, most boarding schools make use of advanced technology and employ more security personnel than normal schools to make parents and students feel safe.

Considering all the above points, it seems that a boarding school is the better choice for parents with a holistic view of education.

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