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By SHAUN COHEN 2,659 views

The deadly Disease-Causing Harm to Human Life

There are many unfavorable conditions, epidemics that humans have faced but nothing like what we are meeting right now around the world. The present situation around the world is quite inevitable with the outbreak of this fatal virus that is a coronavirus. From startling the entities of the people to hampering the entire global market and trade, this virus has slaughtered world peace. So it’s time we unite our hands together to stay safe from this virus and make every effort desirable on our end to stop the use of this deadly virus. This epidemic situation needs to end somewhere, says Shaun Cohen.

It has already caused a lot of death and loss, and it is growing at a high pace. No one but us can help us in this situation. We can do so by t adopting few essential measures that are need of the hour. One of which is to keep self-hygiene and washing our hands as soon as we come in contact with the outside world. Another thing which has been recommended by the doctors in the social distancing practice which the doctors have recommended to break the chain of the virus and make it weak. This is how we can get rid away from the deadly virus.

Washing hands

 So to stop it, we all have to do our parts by protecting our health from the vagaries of the virus that is spreading. Yes, we can fight the widespread coronavirus, which has its presence all around the world just by taking some precautions. And here is this amazing device which will help you protect from the significant point which is leading to spread the virus that is the toxic air of the infected says Shaun Cohen. One should also start the use of air masks while they go out so that the spread of the deadly virus can be protected. After watching the crisis of Italy, other countries have taken a lesson, and they are practicing everything possible to safeguard their citizen from this deadly crisis, which is engulfing each and every state.

Shaun Cohen is of the view that if specific precautionary measures can protect you from this virus, so why not. Also, he appreciates the step taken by a few countries to lockdown for particular days to break the chain of the deadly virus. It is an excellent initiative on the parts of the government. Although with this step, there will be a lot of loss to the world economies, what will economies do without people who won’t be left after the virus?

This is the thing which everyone needs to understand that they need to sit at home if they want peace, and it is just for a certain period of time. If items are controlled at this stage, it can be controlled at the later stage as well. So keep your calm and have a united fight against this deadly disease of corona.

Shaun Cohen

Shaun Cohen from New York is a therapist whose purpose is to facilitate growth and better understanding in his every client.