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Personalised rugby shirts have become a favorite amongst sportsmen and sports clubs. Reason behind that could be plenty, ranging from uniqueness to style, and branding to autonomy. Having said that, sports clubs and teams across the globe are widely investing in personalised sports kits, which speaks volumes about its advantages.

Design in your own way

Since you are on this blog, it is obvious you are planning to design your own rugby shirt as well. Consider this blog as a quick guide, penned to help you in your customising endeavors.

There are many ways you can customise your rugby shirts but the best one is designing it online using a 3D Kit Designer. Because of high demand for personalised rugby shirts in the market today, many manufacturers have opened shops and are selling customised shirts online.


Our advice for you is to test the water first. The best way to do that is through ordering size samples. Another is through collecting as much information as you can. By that we mean, you should always seek detailed information about the manufacturer/s, much of which is available online, before taking the next step.

Also, while shortlisting a manufacturer of customised rugby shirts, ensure you note the manufacturer’s experience in the industry. Any online manufacturer with over a decade of experience should be a good option to consider.

With that we arrive to the question to the question, how to design your own rugby shirts online. Well, to do that, you would need a manufacturer who offers a 3D Kit Designer online. It’s better if this kit designer is available for free.

You have manufacturers like Zapkam with over a decade of experience and an easy-to-use website who offers a 3D Kit Designer for free online.

For designing your own rugby shirt, you would need to select a style first. After you have selected a style, you would be directed to the 3D Kit Designer, which is a tool that enables you to add various features to your rugby shirt. We’ll be discussing those features and the respective steps one by one here.


Based on a particular style, the kit designer will request you to choose the colour. It could be for sleeves or stripes or lining etc.

Sponsor’s Logo

After you have selected colour/s for specific parts of your chosen style, you would then be requested to add a sponsor’s logo. You can choose a location for placing this logo. Also, should you want, you can add more than one logo, which could be added for no additional cost or at a certain price, based on the terms and conditions of your chosen manufacturer.

Team’s or Club’s Logo

Next the kit designer would request you to add your team’s or club’s logo.

Team Member’s Names Numbers and Initials

Once you are settled with the logos, you would be requested to add your team member’s details. Based on your requirements, you can either accept to add it or decline the request and move to the next step.

The design process is complete now. After this point, you should save your design and either exit, or select the size/s and place the order.

There, you see, how easy it is to design your own rugby shirt.

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  • Edward Friel says:

    Hi there! I would love to replace a beautiful rugby shirt which I was given as leaving-gift by the owner of a restaurant I played in, in London, Ontario, Canada. It was unfortunately stolen some years later. It was custom-designed for me, and, as I‘ve already said I‘d love to have it re-made. Do you think this would be possible? I look forward to your (hopefully positive) answer. Best wishes. Eddie.

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