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By EMMA WILLIAMS 848 views

8 Tips for Designing a Modern Office Space

Even the best-equipped offices go out of date after a few decades. The key to having a modern office is constantly updating the interior design so it stays true to the spirit of the era. Sometimes this includes repainting the walls and at other times you should just move the furniture around.

For modern office spaces, the most important part of decor are ergonomic solutions that make office life easier. You probably know a couple of improvements but here are 8 extra tips on how to design a modern office.

More natural light

More natural light

One feature you cannot go overboard with is natural light. The bigger the windows inside the office, the better, because people benefit from spending time in well-lit rooms. Natural light influences mood and is several times better than dimmed lights that are characteristic of offices of the past. Modern office space has plenty of natural light and fresh air inside.

An airy office

Apart from plenty of natural light, fresh air is another factor of interior design that helps generate happy faces. Humans need enough oxygen for our brains to function properly so an airy office space is a must nowadays.

This factor is especially important in creative industries, as well as offices that house hazardous materials that give out toxic fumes. The simplest way to let fresh air enter the office is to open the window but in some cases, this is not possible, like in-office skyrises. Such an office space should have an excellent air ventilation system that needs to be properly maintained.

Invest in breakroom’s design and amenities

A breakroom is nothing new for a modern office to feature but there are breakrooms and then there are breakrooms. Firstly, a breakroom should be designed altogether differently from the rest of the office: colorful walls, different furniture, the absence of computers and desks are among the top differences.

Secondly, the breakroom should feature amenities that ought to reflect the leisure preferences of the workforces. A small kitchen might be mandatory but throwing in the newest gaming console is a modern amenity many of your employees will approve of. In fact, you might conduct a poll to find out exactly what the staff wants to see in the breakroom.

Sitting and standing

Sitting and standing

If you’ve been up to date with the latest office design trends, then you probably know that standing desks are making their way in countless office spaces globally. However, standing for prolonged periods can cause various health issues, from damage to your posture, all the way to increase the risk of heart disease.

On the other side, too much sitting down at the work desk can have detrimental effects as well. Perhaps the best way to go is to take the best of both worlds. More and more managers are introducing sit and stand desks that allow workers to choose the pose they like to work in. The best thing about this choice is the ability to switch from one “work mode” to another.

Placing a mat in front of the office

Attention to detail is essential in the way business is conducted today. In terms of office design, this means that the location of the office is just as important as the kitchen coffee machine or the entrance mat.

The latter is one of the most efficient details to impress everyone walking inside. In addition, it is quite easy to get a custom commercial entrance mat that will spell the company’s logo. Apart from its decorative purpose, an entrance mat is also quite functional, as it brings down the total maintenance cost.

Go for an open-plan layout

Although an office of his/her own is what every employee dreams of, an open plan office layout is a wiser interior design choice. Namely, partitions create a claustrophobic sensation in the office, as the whole space feels smaller and more confined.

Adopting an open play layout ushers in a sense of airiness and spaciousness, as well as stimulating workers to communicate more and often better. If people can see each other, it is more likely they will ask their colleagues for advice or opinion.

Of course, chatting about work-unrelated matters is more likely to happen but you can assuage this occurrence by stocking the breakroom well, as explained a couple of paragraphs above.

Use glass partitions where necessary

An open plan is not possible in every office, as meeting rooms are an excellent example when partitions are mandatory. However, even when you have to erect ways, you can do this in a modern fashion. Glass partitions are attractive in appearance and they cancel out noises better than you think. In terms of interior design, glass walls actually enhance the effect of decor, rather than tampering with it. Just make sure there are no metaphorical glass ceilings in your company.

A plant here and there

A plant here and there

Inside your home, an entire “garden section” in the living room is more than welcome in terms of interior design. However, then it comes to the office environment, plants should be distributed more evenly. A flower pot here and there is a modern trait of an office.

In fact, if there is space on the balcony, the employees can grow a garden, watering it regularly and tending to the plants. Finally, the management should encourage workers to keep a pot at every desk.

Getting rid of the clutter once and for all

Office clutter has the potential to kill a company’s productivity. Even worse, clutter is hard to get rid of completely because of its recursive nature. No matter how many times you clear a desk, newspapers, sets of keys, charger, etc. seem to fil the desktop after a few days.

Getting rid of the clutter once and for all involves finding a place for each and every item in the office. The employer can aid this effort by installing enough filing cabinets for the paperwork and additional racks, pegs, and shelves if required.


Modern office space comes with numerous features that are all aimed at increasing workers’ satisfaction and productivity. The 8 tips listed above are easy to apply in most offices across the globe, as they are rather affordable.

Emma Williams

Emma Williams is an Australian writer with a master‘s degree in business administration, who has a passion for anything lifestyle and design related. She spends most of her time redecorating and participating in house projects. As a great nature lover, her biggest pleasure is spending time in a small cottage by the river.