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rinku singh
By PIYUSH SETH 210 views

Despite Rinku Singh And Sunil Narine’s Heroics Lucknow Super Giants Won The Match

What a player! Rinku Singh is the lone player from a losing club who will be recognized for his outstanding performance during the IPL season. At a strike rate of 266.67, he hit 40 runs off 15 balls, including two fours and four sixes.


After his massive strikes against Lucknow Super Giants in the 66th match of IPL 2022, a ninth-fail lower-middle-class youngster became an overnight internet sensation.


Sunil Narine and Rinku Singh put up a fight against the Lucknow Super Giants’ bowlers. Sunil smashed 21 runs in just 7 balls with a strike rate of 300.00. After this incredible performance, it appeared that Kolkata Knight Riders would beat the target set by the Lucknow Super Giants, but the catch that sent Rinku Singh back altered everything, as KKR lost by just two runs.


After a long battle with Kolkata Knight Riders‘ bowlers, openers Quinton de Kock and KL Rahul led the Lucknow Super Giants to a massive victory. On the 18th of May, in a match between Lucknow Super Giants and Kolkata Knight Riders at DY Patil Sports Academy in Mumbai, the Lucknow Super Giants openers put in an incredible performance. The bowlers of Kolkata Knight Riders tried everything in their power but they failed to knock even one of them.


Quinton de Kock smashed 140 in just 70 balls with 10 fours and 10 sixes at a strike rate of 200.00, and KL Rahul stood by him throughout the game, scoring 68 off 51 balls with three fours and four sixes at a strike rate of 200.00. Despite the fact that KL Rahul scores slowly, one must remain cool while the other hits hard.


Despite giving Lucknow Super Giants a tough fight in the second encounter, Kolkata Knight Riders were eliminated from the IPL season. They didn’t get off to a good start, losing openers Venkatesh Iyer and Abhijeet Tomar in the first few overs, but Nitish Rana, Shreyas Iyer, Sam Billings, Rinku Singh, and Sunil Narine tried to change Kolkata Knight Riders’ fate with their outstanding effort.


Nitish Rana hit 42 off 22 balls with nine fours and a strike rate of 190.91, Captain Shreya Iyer got 50 off 29 balls with four fours and three sixes, and Sam Billings hit 36 off 24 balls with two fours and three sixes. After losing these wickets, KKR fans lost faith, as the game appeared to be over for the Kolkata Knight Riders. However, Rinku Singh came on the field and completely turned the game with his incredible hits.


Despite an outstanding performance by Rinku Singh, Lucknow Super Giants qualified for the Playoffs with this tough win against Kolkata Knight Riders. After this win, the Lucknow Super Giants are presently in second place.


Piyush Seth

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