2020 has been a notoriously bad year worldwide. With deaths, unemployment, and fear gripping the entire global population, traversing the year was one of the hardest in recent memory. The last time we saw something of this magnitude was 100 years ago with the Spanish flu. Though we are now slowly making our way out of the pandemic and dipping our feet in the water, which is everyday life, it’s still hard to let go of the past 12 months. The pandemic gave significant mental stress to everyone because of the lockdown situation. Sitting in front of a TV screen and watching news channels created negative thoughts in individuals and families. Families especially had a hard time dealing with the pandemic. They had to worry about their jobs and take care of their children.

Now that things are clearing out and major companies are mass-producing the vaccine, it’s time to give the new year a chance and put 2020 behind you. With the world slowly opening up, consider taking a vacation with the family is a good idea.
Here are some great travel destinations for your family in 2021.

1. Gatlinburg, TN

You may not think of Tennessee when it comes to getaway destinations. However, the Gatlinburg mountains will most certainly change your mind. If you ever give them a chance. With acres of expansive forest and greenery, you can be sure that the area will leave you satisfied with your decision to visit.
While you are in the mountains, consider renting out some of the available luxury cabins. Not only do they have fantastic views of the mountains and forests, but some of them come with their special amenities. For example, the Gatlinburg Cabins with Pools are some of the hottest options for families right now.

2. Aspen, CO

If you have a picture of a pristine ski resort, it’s probably either of the Aspen Mountains’ Swiss Alps. Colorado may technically be part of the desert. Still, it hides a secret that is the fantastic resort known as Aspen.
The snowy sanctuary is everything you would expect. You can relax in your snowy hilltop cabin, plan a romantic date with the wife, or go skiing with the kids and make the most of the time together. Aspen has something for everyone. Though it would be better to visit in the winter season, summer aspen has its charm as well. Just make sure you dress up appropriately because it can get bitterly cold up there in the snow-capped mountains.

3. All of California

If you are looking for great family destinations this year, consider heading over to the west coast to experience the glory that is California. There is so much to see in California that you might need to plan a slightly longer trip than usual. Between LA, San Diego, and San-Fran, chances are you are going to need to spend a bit of time in each city.

It would be a regret if you didn’t visit all the major cities on your trip. It would be an even bigger regret if you didn’t take out time to visit the world-famous Yosemite National Park while you are out with your family.

A trip to Cali is just what the family might need and can be a wonderful experience for all of you. Just remember to come with a big budget because California is one of the country’s most expensive states.

4. New York, NY

It would be best if you visit New York City at least once in your life. Urban metropolis holds some of the most interesting places you can visit with your family. From Rockafeller center to the Freedom tower, there is so much to see. When you want to enjoy nature, Central Park will always welcome you.
A trip to New York with your family can be the best way to get away from your stressful life and enter one of the most happening cities in the world.

It much like Aspen; experience a classic New York winter is better than going in the summer. A New York Christmas is known to be one of the grandest celebrations in the world. Apart from that, it’s an otherworldly experience to see the snow, the light, and the Christmas spirit in downtown Manhattan.


The pandemic hit us all pretty hard. Unfortunately, it has lasting effects on some of us, which we might never be able to overcome. However, you and your family could use a break from the negativity and go out and experience new things. Your time with the family is precious, and it would be wise to spend as much time together, experiencing new things as you never know when you might get the chance again.
Having the sheer negativity in our lives due to the pandemic, traveling in 2021 with family is a great way to break free from the bonds of COVID-19. It brings some much-needed happiness into your lives!

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