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Start Uber for Trucks App
By MAHIL JASANI 3,414 views

How to Develop Uber Truck Delivery App for Startup Business?

The trucking industry plays a vital part in any country’s commerce and economy. The more advanced and streamlined the trucking network of the city, the better the chances of revenue generation and sustainability.

As per Statista’s latest report, the trucking industry market in the US in 2018 was 796.7 billion U.S. dollars. Also, there are over 928,000 truck drivers contracted in the United States. However, there are certain problems that persist in the industry. One of the major concerns truck drivers and trucking companies face is the number of miles these trucks drive empty. These needed to be addressed for increased profitability. Uber for freights and Convoy came up with a solution that facilitates both carriers (truckers) and shippers.

Uber for truck delivery marketplace has streamlined the process of transportation for both truckers and shippers. If you are thinking of developing or buying such a solution, then you must keep the below-mentioned things in mind. Make sure you include these features in the app.

Features For Truckers or Carriers

Find, Bid, Acquire Loads:

Since you want to address the problem of empty carriers on the return trip, it is imperative to have this feature that lets carriers find the available loads around where they are. Drivers can search for the loads, Bid for them and if accepted by the shipper, they can win the load. Make sure you include a policy in which shippers can not cancel the shipments from the confirmed driver once the deal is done.

Detail about Loads and timings:

Make sure to include options for load type, pick up and drop off time & location, and scheduled pick-up time so that it remains convenient for the drivers to understand their next job.

E-sign BOLs (Bill of Landing)

The bill of lading (BOL) is a receipt of freight services. It works as a contract between a carrier and a shipper and a document of title. The BOL is a legally binding document giving the driver and the carrier all the information needed to process the freight shipment and invoice it correctly.

By incorporating it in the app you allow your carrier to e-sign it and do the process without any hassle. 

Chat Options

The in-app chat and call option is a vital feature for Uber for a truck app. Throughout the trip, drivers should be able to update their status or ask for any needed information from the shipper without exiting the app. It allows smooth coordination between them by eliminating confusion which ultimately results in a smooth job completion for both parties.

Route Navigation & Traffic Information

Map and geolocation integration in your app should be a must-have feature for drivers. Timely consignment delivery is the prime focus of any carrier while doing their job. Using an In-app map, they can easily identify the route and traffic situations and ensure safe and faster load delivery.

Push notifications

To have their trucks always full, drivers need to be updated with the latest shipment upload. By allowing push notification, drivers can get a real-time notification when the job is posted. Further, when the payment is done, drivers get notified instantaneously.

Features for Shippers

Shippers are an essential part of your business. Having all the needed features in your will attract more shippers to download your app. Some of the imperative features for shippers are;

See Available Trucks on the Map 

Shippers should be able to find out a perfect trucker for having shipment on the go. a map-based feature in the app lets the shipper hire an ideal candidate from the pool.

Pin-Pointing Exact Pick-up and Drop off Location

It is important to showcase a precise location of the pickup location (factory, warehouse, etc) and the drop-off location so that drivers can bid for the shipment they want to carry.

Upload Documentation

Since paper-based documentation is environmentally unsustainable and requires more hassle than online documentation, you must include a feature that facilitates shippers to upload important documents easily.

Easy Payment

Seamless payment integration in the Uber for trucking app is vital for transparent money transfers. So make sure that as soon as a truck driver completes the job, the payment should be done within one day.

Track Shipment In real-time

For shippers, successful goods delivery is one of the prime concerns. They must know about their consignments and their status. Tracking of trucks allows shippers to keep in touch with them.

In-app Chat

The in-app chat option will make sure that drivers and shippers constantly stay in touch. Whether it is a small conversation or sharing of important photos, the in-app chat is a must in any trucking app.

Push Notification

Same as a driver, a push notification for the shipper will alert the shippers on successful delivery and payment of the consignment.

Rating Driver

You must provide an option for reviews and ratings so that shippers can rate drivers’ punctuality, delivery time, safe driving, etc. By doing so, you are making it easy for other shippers to select the perfect carrier for the job.

Custom Development or Clone Solution?

Now there are two ways you can start your convoy like Uber for the trucking app. One is going for Custom development from a logistic app development company and the second is buying ready-made uber for a truck solution

In the first option, you have to find out an experienced app development company that has in the past made such kinds of solutions. If you have some unique idea that you want to implement in the app, if you have enough budget for the app development from scratch and time is not an issue, then you should go for custom app development.

On the other hand, in the market, you will find multiple clone app provider firms that sell ready-made clone apps like Uber for freight and Convoy. You can directly buy the solution from the company and give it your brand name. Thes companies will provide you with a complete solution that includes mobile apps for both the platforms (iOS & Android) web panel, and admin panel.   Also, these companies give a customization option as well.

If you want to jump in as soon as possible in the market with such a kind of app, then Uber for a truck clone script would be an ideal choice for you. Moreover, those who have a budget restriction, usually prefer to go with clone solutions of popular apps.


The logistics industry is increasing at a rapid pace and there is no stopping that. Apps like Convoy and Uber for freight have redefined transportation systems. By building a Marketplace for uber for trucks you aggregate truckers with shippers and provide opportunities for both parties. Additionally, it’s a great start-up idea from a business perspective.

Mahil Jasani

Mahil Jasani is the CTO at the aPurple. He is a technological nerd who loves writing about trending technologies. In spare time, you’ll find him digging deep into the new innovations and startups.