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Diabetes Treatments
By JOE MAILLET 2,878 views

Diabetes Treatments and Diabetes Symptoms

Before we discuss diabetes treatments and diabetes symptoms, let’s briefly define what this disease is…

First, there are two types of diabetes–type 1 and type 2. We will concern ourselves here with only type 2 diabetes because it comprises 95% of all cases.

Type 2 Diabetes is a disease in which the cells of the body become insulin resistant. The body’s production of insulin, however, remains normal.

Insulin’s crucial role is to regulate the level of glucose (also referred to as blood sugar) in our bodies. In simple terms, glucose is our body’s fuel. We obtain it from the foods we consume.

After a meal, our blood sugar levels will naturally begin to rise. In a healthy individual, the insulin allows glucose to enter the body’s cells. In a person with diabetes, by contrast, high blood sugar often results because the glucose remains trapped in the bloodstream, unable to get into the cells. This phenomenon, then, can lead to individual exhibiting diabetes symptoms and create a need for diabetes treatments.

What are the available Diabetes Treatments and Diabetes Symptoms?

It is important to understand that someone looking for diabetes treatments needs to consult with their physician so they can understand all of their options.

Having said that, what follows are some diabetes symptoms.

Diabetes Symptoms (for type 2 Diabetes):

  1. Increase in thirst
    2. Increase in need to urinate
    3. Increased appetite (but often in conjunction with weight loss)
    4. Blurring of haziness of vision
    5. Increased fatigue
    6. More infections and/or infections taking longer to heal

However, there is no guarantee that you will exhibit all or any of these diabetes symptoms if you have diabetes.

Diabetes Treatments

Many experts believe the most powerful of all diabetes treatments is education.

That’s because after a person has been diagnosed with diabetes, effectively managing their condition is of utmost importance. For those seeking diabetes treatments, there are many supplies that are often advocated to help people manage their condition.

For example, glucose monitors (called glucometers) are indispensable for a lot of people with diabetes to do self-testing.

Knowing what foods to eat and when to eat them is another crucial consideration.

Many Naturopathic physicians advocate using some nutritional supplements that may help control diabetes symptoms. These supplements are not diabetes treatments per se, but they can help people with diabetes.

For example, the mineral chromium is known to be effective in lowering blood glucose in people with diabetes and who show diabetes symptoms.

Researchers at the prestigious Mayo Clinic have recently discovered that Alpha-Lipoic Acid significantly lessened the severity of diabetic neuropathy symptoms, such as painful oxidative damage to nerve cells caused by fluctuating glucose levels.

Aloe Vera Extract, an herbal extract, has been shown in clinical trials to effectively manage blood glucose levels. Again, these are not diabetes treatments, but you may wish to consider them as part of a regimen to control your diabetes. If you do, don’t forget to discuss them with your physician.

One product that contains all of the nutrients mentioned above — and many more — is Xtend-Life’s Total Balance.

We here at Beat-Your-Health-Condition personally take Total Balance as part of our health regimen. After doing endless comparisons, we believe it is the best product of its kind on the market today.

Prescription Diabetes Treatments for those with Diabetes symptoms

There are many prescription drugs sold as diabetes treatments on the market. Many of these can have adverse side effects, so it’s important you consult with your doctor carefully if you are considering one.

Because only a doctor can prescribe these for you, it is outside the scope of this website to discuss these various diabetes treatments.

Suffice it to say, however, that most of the medications work in one of several ways: helping insulin work more effectively, signaling the organs (such as the pancreas) to produce more insulin, or helping to regulate glucose levels in the bloodstream.

Featured Diabetes Product

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Joe Maillet

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