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Our whole lives are emphasized to take proper care of our health. Good health is a blessing for a person. Many people take their health for granted and might get a lot of diseases. Some might get a hereditary disease. But the point here is that one should never take their health for granted especially when they are diagnosed with a disease. We often see people ignoring their health even when they are known for their health conditions.

One of all these diseases diabetes is a major one. A diabetic person has to care a lot about their health once they are diagnosed with it. This disease becomes dangerous if proper care is not taken. Diabetes is a cause of many diseases and health problems itself. It may cause damage to the body organs. Diabetes can be very dangerous for a person’s feet. In diabetes, there is a slow healing of wounds. If a normal person’s wound gets healed in a day or two, a diabetic person’s wound might take longer than this especially when that wound is on any of your feet. A small cut may lead to serious consequences. Blood flowing towards feet is reduced which makes it very hard for an injury to heal. Diabetes also numbs your feet and at times because of this, you may not feel a blister or a sore in your foot. This leads to an infection creating a risk of amputation.

A diabetic person should take care of their feet. If proper care is taken then you can save yourself from losing a toe, foot or a leg. Care can be taken by following some tips that you can read below.

Daily feet inspection:

Feet is at a greater chance of being affected in diabetes. Regular inspection of feet should be done seeing if there are any cuts, sore, swelling or a blister. You can also go for periodic foot examinations to an ankles’ surgeon who can examine your foot properly and if any complication is there it will be treated on time.

Keep your feet dry:

The skin between your toes often breaks down and at times also creates an infection. Make sure to towel off your feet properly leaving your feet completely dry after washing. A moisturizer can also be used to avoid cracking of the skin, just try not moisturizing the areas around toes as it may lead to a fungal infection. The socks you wear should also be dry. This should be an essential part of your daily routine.

Cut your nails carefully:

Many people are so used to cutting their nails too short or cutting it improperly. Both can result in ingrown infections. Nails should be cut at a proper length and try cutting them straight across. While cutting your nails try to concentrate properly because if the nail cutter mistakenly cuts your skin it may take a lot of time for it to heal also might result in an infection.

Check your shoes before wearing:

A diabetic person’s feet get numb because of reduced blood flow to the feet and often they don’t feel if there is any harmful object in their shoes. So, a diabetic person should shake their shoes before wearing them. Medical sheepskin slippers are made especially for diabetic people to keep their feet warm boosting blood circulation.

Bath your feet properly:

Often while washing our feet we go too hard on it. We wash our feet improperly and put too much soap which may cause an infection to any damaged part of the foot’s skin.  A diabetic person should wash their feet daily and gently with lukewarm water. Water with high temperatures can damage the skin of the foot.

No yourself treatments:

To avoid doctor visits we often become our doctors and try to treat ourselves in our ways at times not even knowing if it would help or not. A diabetic person should never keep such behavior. They should know that any negligence in my foot care might result in amputation. Corns or calluses being grown is a normal thing but a major worry for a diabetic person. So if you have diabetes and you notice any corn or calluses on your foot go to a doctor immediately and don’t even think of treating it by yourself.

Don’t smoke:

Smoking is injurious to health and when you are diabetic it can become life-threatening. A diabetic patient struggles a lot in keeping your blood sugar level in control. Smoking causes insulin resistance in your body making it harder in maintaining proper blood sugar level. Smoking also narrows your blood vessels hindering the flow of blood that can make diabetes worse for you.

Keep this in mind that the majority of the disease becomes injurious for us when we don’t take care of it and stay negligent about it. So, follow these tips and control your diabetes before it’s too late.

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