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vertigo & dizziness
By ADITI ARORA 2,968 views

Difference between Vertigo and Dizziness

Vertigo and dizziness are the two terms that are interrelated to each other. Both lies under the same umbrella but are yet different. Vertigo and dizziness are not synonyms of each other. Both have their own causes and treatments. Diagnosing the same is a must, before undergoing any home remedy or treatment.

The sensation of uneasiness, lightheadedness, equilibrium imbalance, are some of the common signs of dizziness whereas a feeling of spinning or moving when you are still, is the common symptom of vertigo. Consulting a neurologist is recommended as soon as you observe any symptoms of vertigo and dizziness for identifying the underlying cause and getting the best vertigo treatment or dizziness treatment to resolve the case.

A doctor should be briefed precisely and clearly about the health condition when one faces a stroke of dizziness. It will help him identify the cause and come to the conclusion that whether it is vertigo or dizziness? And help to suggest the best treatment depending on the underlying cause.

What are the common dizziness causes and symptoms?

When a world seems to blur around and a person faces sudden strokes due to anxiety, lack of sufficient sleep, hectic schedules, breathing heavily, cold or flu, getting up quickly or due to certain medications, it is termed as dizziness. These are some of the common dizziness causes that a layman faces in some or other point in life. Hypoglycemia is a common issue with a person suffering from diabetes. It can also make one feel dizzy due to low sugar levels.

What are the common vertigo causes and symptoms?

Vertigo is a type of dizziness where a person faces a spinning sensation, where the world seems to revolve around you or you are spinning yourself. In early childhood, you must have played with a top that spins its best to make you amuse, the same feeling is experienced by a person suffering from vertigo but that’s not amusing though. Various vertigo causes lead to such a situation. Ear infections, motion sickness, strokes, and other problems with the ear and brain or injury in the ear or the head are some of the common vertigo causes. The distortion or loss of equilibrium hampers the daily activities of an individual and risk injuries. Patients suffering from dizziness and headaches can result in vestibular migraine and BPPV vertigo.

Oxygen deprivation to the brain leads vertigo & dizziness, then how it is different?

Lack of oxygen supply to the brain, that sends a signal to the entire body to function properly leads to dizziness and vertigo.

Long hours of standing in a social gathering, a wedding function or corporate events, leads the blood to pool in the legs due to gravity, leaving brain deprived of the same. When sufficient blood is not supplied to the brain, which is the basic nutrient for a brain to function all the body parts, it makes a person feel dizzy. It simply indicates dizziness.

There is another case to look at, if a person suffers from an ear infection or an injury, the calcium deposition in the inner ear blocks the vestibular nerve that sends the signal to the brain, leading to dizziness. It is one such major cause of vertigo that leads to dizziness.

What are the common dizziness treatments that doctors suggest?

Dizziness can be treated well at home without any major efforts. Lying down completely with eyes closed as soon as a person feels dizzy, gives relief to a greater extent. Drinking plenty of water and the intake of healthy fluids helps in preventing Dizziness. Staying hydrated should be the major agenda. Reducing stress and alterations in lifestyle habits by giving up on tobacco and smoking would be of much help in healing such a condition. Acupressure is of great help and is suggested by doctors as it heals the entire body by stimulating pressure points. Take a sufficient amount of sleep and lower the anxiety level to prevent dizziness. Low blood pressure and low sugar levels can also lead to dizziness. Generally, dizziness is resolved itself over days by following certain home care tips and medication is not required until and unless the case is severe. If a person is facing dizziness due to migraines and headaches, certain drugs and medications are prescribed by doctors to ease the case.

What are the common Vertigo treatments that doctors suggest?

Vertigo can occur due to various causes, determining the underlying cause is a must to treat vertigo. Consult a neurologist to diagnose the cause of vertigo and seek treatment to cure the same. Vertigo can occur due to an ear or head injury or an ear infection. Meniere disease and vestibular migraines can even lead to vertigo. Certain head position maneuvers like Epley maneuvers, Semont maneuver & barbeque maneuvers are suggested by doctors as a vertigo treatment to perform at home, after identifying the cause of vertigo. BPPV Vertigo is treated well by regularly practicing Epley maneuvers as prescribed by doctors. Brandt-Daroff exercises or balance therapy are suggested to some patients suffering from vertigo.

It can even be treated with certain home remedies by taking a diet rich in vitamin D, E & C. Ginger, honey, apple cider vinegar are some of the common ingredients that help in relieving the symptoms of vertigo.

If the vertigo symptoms keep on recurring, seeking medical advice is recommended to get the best vertigo treatment. Certain medications and drugs are prescribed by doctors that help in overcoming a certain health issue. An expert doctor would recommend certain vertigo medicines like Vertin or Stugeron, depending on the cause of vertigo. After following a prescribed dose of medication, if the issue doesn’t resolve, a surgery or going for vestibular rehabilitation is recommended by neurologists, to save the life of an individual.

Vertigo and dizziness both occur due to the lack of oxygen supply to the brain. Oxygen deprivation blocks the signals to the brain that help other parts of the body to function properly. The causes and treatments of vertigo and dizziness are entirely different. Dizziness is just a symptom of vertigo, whereas vertigo is a health condition that requires medical attention.

Aditi Arora

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