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Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles-transfer case
By MANTRANS LLC 3,252 views

Different Transfer Case Options in Four Wheel Drive Vehicles

Four-wheel drive automobiles come along with a transfer case. The box placed behind the transmission takes the torque that engine generates and dispense it to the drive shafts says Mantrans professional. In fact, this part also coordinates the rotations of the wheels. Plus, it contains low range gears so that users can take the vehicle off-road. There are a lot of options that four-wheel automobile uses like:

Drive Types

There are two core options for drive types. Both the types have their benefits dependent on the automobile use. One type is the gear-driven transfer case that use sets of gears to drive the front and back drive shafts. Usually, they are in larger trucks as this design works well with robust, heavy units.

Another type is chain-driven designs that only drive a single axle. Infrequently, some automobiles use this design to drive both shafts. Furthermore, these are less noisy than a gear-driven version emphasis team of technicians at Mantrans. Jeeps, Compact trucks, and SUVs use this type of drive. But, some serious off-road drivers modify this type of drive to a gear driven model.

Transfer Case Shift Types

Along with drive types, there are a few different shift types. Electronic Shift on the Fly (ESOF) is one of the shift types. This type comes along with a dash-mounted chooser that picks between all-wheel and two-wheel drive. In order to, engross the picker for four-wheel drive high, there is a need drive at an inferior speed. Furthermore, if you want to engage the four-wheel drive low, you should stop the vehicle and need to put the transmission in neutral.

Another shift type is the Manual Shift on the Fly (MSOF). According to Mantrans, in this shift type, the selector lever is placed on the floor transmission hump. Moreover, sometimes it has two instinctive front axle centers with choosers of the lock, unlock, or free. As with the ESOF, to engross the high setting, you must move automobile at a low speed. And to shift into low gear transmission, the vehicle must be in neutral with the halt car.

manual-transfer case


Like everything else, there are different choices in case of housing. The first choice is a married transfer case housing which means that the part is directly bolted to the transmission. With this housing type, individuals discover it between the rear of the main drive shaft and the transmission output shaft. In some vehicles, the case is the fragment of transmission and share the same housing says Mantrans team.

Independent model is another type of housing. Dissimilar the first version, this one is not directly fixed on the transmission. Instead, it is away from the transmission and associate by a driveshaft. You can find this housing type only in vehicles with a long wheelbase which includes the military or commercial vehicle.

Wrapping Up

Transfer case in four-wheel drive vehicles can be the grouping of any of above types. The professionals at Mantrans LLC have specialization in rebuilt Four-Wheel Drive manual transmission and transfer cases. They provide a comprehensive range of rebuilt transmission services which covers light cars and trucks as well.

Mantrans LLC

Mantrans LLC specialize in rebuilt Front Wheel & All Wheel Drive transaxle (FWD & AWD), Rear Wheel Drive transmission (2WD) and Four Wheel Drive transmission and transfer cases, for Domestic, Japanese and some European.They offer a broad range of rebuilt transmissions from three (3) thru Seven (7) speeds, covering light cars and trucks, up to five (5) tons.