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types of mirrors

Tips for Using Decorative Mirrors Around the House

Mirrors can help you decorate your interior and even exterior in a unique way. No matter if you live in a bungalow or a small compartment, you can easily transform its looks with the help of a few mirrors. Now, there are so many types of mirrors available out there. Further, there are nearly endless ways to utilize them for refreshing interior looks. Therefore, many homeowners find it tough to deal with some mirror decoration. This article covers all about smartly decking up your home using different types of mirrors. So, let us get into it.

Using Different Types of Mirrors for Some Refreshing Looks

Each type of mirror will have a different impact on your home’s interior. So, let us explore some of the different types of mirrors and their usage.

1: Condominium Mirror/Full-Length Wall Mirror

Condominium Mirrors or condor mirrors are an excellent option to enhance the beauty of any place. As the name indicates, these mirrors basically cover the whole wall. So, the actual wall gets behind the mirror.

Therefore, it makes the space (where it’s installed) bigger than its actual size. The mirrored wall reflects lights and completely changes the aesthetics of the area. 

You can find condominium mirrors/full-length wall mirrors installed at fitness centers and gyms. However, you can also install them in any room or space within your home. Further, you can also order a custom full-length wall mirror. 

2: Floor Mirror

Floor mirrors are ideal for placing along walkways, living rooms, bedrooms, or any passageway. Basically, floor mirrors are hung (on walls) or placed (with the help of a stand). Either way, they are placed vertically. However, for a unique appeal, you may place them horizontally (Pretty rare, though). Furthermore, floor mirrors come in different sizes and qualities. Further, you get the option of choosing the custom height as well.

3: Activity Mirror

Activity mirrors are a must if you plan to follow a workout routine at home. They help you track your performance and workout with added flexibility. You can hang activity mirrors on the wall. Further, you can also place them with the help of a stand. The activity mirror shows your whole body while you are working out. They also reflect maximum light and brighten up your space. Such mirrors are also used in gyms. Therefore, they are usually quite thick and are made from quality glass. Regarding their safety, they don’t shatter into tiny pieces upon any major impact. 

Tonal mirrors are also a type of activity mirror. However, they are much more advanced and offer many features to help you work out easily. Basically, it’s a real-life instructor that guides you on which weight to lift and which particular exercise best matches your fitness goals. So, it’s a very advanced yet practical mirror for fitness enthusiasts. Note that tonal mirrors are quite costly. 

4: LED Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors have come a long way. Now, homeowners can also opt for LED bathroom mirrors. These mirrors have LEDs either behind the mirror or alongside the mirror. The presence of LEDs lightens up your bathroom and helps you shave, apply make-up or wash your face with ease. Usually, these mirrors have quite a bright LED. Moreover, there are many types of LED bathroom mirrors available. Some are backlit, while others have LEDs alongside the mirror’s frame. 

5: Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors are an excellent option for adding some unique looks to your interior. In general, these mirrors are designed to help you do some basic hair care or use skincare items. However, you can use these mirrors to spice up your interior too. Vanity mirrors can be ordered in various designs, shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. So, you can go with a custom-made vanity mirror to compliment your interior. 

6: Antique Mirror

You can choose antique mirrors for a unique and classier look. For instance, you can install an antique mirror in your bathroom, bedroom, or even living room. Today, even antique mirrors look quite appealing despite their different design. Look at how to antique a mirror. You can give a conventional yet practical feel to any space by installing a couple of quality antique mirrors. These mirrors are available in round, square, oval, and rectangular shapes. Further, you can get custom-made antique mirrors too. 

7: Mirror over Door or Closet

Nowadays, there is a lot of room to deck up your home smartly. For example, hanging a mirror over a door is a great idea. As the name says, you can hang these mirrors on any interior or exterior door. It’s an excellent approach to adding up a mirror in tight spaces. So, if you live in an apartment, you can transform its looks by installing a couple of such mirrors here and there. 

8: Mirrored Ceiling

Ever seen a ceiling with a full mirror on it? Well, mirrored ceilings are quite popular these days. Usually, mirrored ceilings are used in bathrooms to avoid extra moisture from damaging the ceiling. But, you can also opt for the mirrored ceiling of any room in your house. The looks of a mirrored ceiling are simply breathtaking. In addition, they can change the overall aesthetics of even an ordinary room. So, by customizing a mirrored ceiling, you can deck your home in a unique way. 

Final Thoughts!

So, now you know what it takes to deck up your home smartly by using different types of mirrors. There is so much variety in this regard. You can pick fancy options such as condominium mirrors for an enhanced overall look. Similarly, activity mirrors such as tonal mirrors are a great option for fitness enthusiasts. Furthermore, you can also tweak your bathroom by installing a LED bathroom mirror. So, there is plenty of room for experimenting with different design ideas. Anyhow, it is best to buy your chosen type of mirror from a reliable glass marketplace.

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