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AI Trends
By FARHAN SULEMAN 1,875 views

Top 3 AI Trends in the Digital Industry for Start-Ups

Artificial intelligence has played a great role in revolutionizing the course of time. The things that people deemed unreachable are now in a person’s approach. Technology has facilitated him at giving the possibility of achieving any dream, any idea that crosses his mind. For example, there were times when people would wish they did not have to travel so far so to advertise their products. They wished that people found the things on their own and bought them straight away. In the like manner, the customer-body would wish for the same – not to travel too much to get the thing of their interest. Better yet – they would wish for the thing to find its way to them—whatever the thing is that they are looking for. That is how it goes.

Human’s mind is extremely smart at getting convenience. It would work so hard to achieve it while the rest of the consumer body will spend their lives relaxing with the service. It could be the other way around as well. A human’s mind may inherently be very lazy that it comes up with, whatever it takes, the ideas that would ease out their daily endeavors. So, the debate is still there: whether a human is really lazy or extremely smart. Whatever the answer to that is, as long as one gets a service that facilitates him, the debate is irrelevant.

In this article, we will discuss the Artificial intelligence trends that have literally changed businesses, marketing departments and the field of e-commerce. It is truly a blessing to be alive in these times.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

So far, you have been the consumer who would go through the online channels to select the product of their desire. You go through the websites of multiple brands to check on the product so you can buy it from whichever store you find it available.

Artificial intelligence/virtual reality in digital marketing has brought you a chance of getting the product of your desire at your feet. How? If you know anything about data mining and machine learning, you would know the smart ways a product reaches its customer. If you don’t know, here’s how it goes. Your every input on your social media channels or search engines on different websites is recorded. It is recorded in a manner to figure out your choice, your behavior, your nature. On the basis of this information gathered, which is called data mining, machines/devices smartly work to offer you the possible products that it deems would be of your interest. This is called machine learning.

The latest marketing trends are extremely at collecting such data. You must have seen the things that you would only be thinking of, appearing on your screens. You would think that it is a complete coincidence but if you really look into it, you must have indirectly or directly provided the machine/device the content that helped it find the variety of products that you must be interested in.

Online and Offline Purchasing

If you shop online, then you must know the problems that people face while purchasing a product online. Sometimes your cards get blocked, and there is always the threat of your financial information getting leaked. There are numerous problems with money that you would have faced while purchasing a product of your interest. This concerned people who were fond of online shopping. People who go straight to the shops/stores, because online purchasing is unreliable, are still met by similar types of issues. There are possibilities of their cards getting stolen; their wallets getting picked out by thieves and many other issues. How about we tell you that it is about time that people start wearing money in a way that it is impossible for the thieves to get their hands on them?

People can now use their mobile phones to pay their bills. There are Apple watches in the market that enables its users in making the payments of their bills. There are VISA rings that do the same service. There are bands that you can wear in your arms; you would not even have to stand in the lines to pay for the products. You would only have to pass through the doors and let the technology do its work. One great advantage of such advancement is that it will immensely minimize the chances of theft and robbery from the stores.

Virtual Experience

How about you get the direct experience of the product of your desire so that you are fully satisfied before purchasing the product of your interest? Virtual experience, through videos, mainly VR devices, will help you see the things. In fact, not just “see” them but have a little bit of experience with them before you buy them. However, for all these things to come into life, you need great internet service, like Spectrum internet, which comes in a bundle offer. It will help you save up cash on such a deal and will also guarantee good services with just one provider.

Last Words

So, try to implement the aforementioned artificial intelligence trends in your business so that you can acquire a competitive edge over other companies in the market. This will help you stand out from the crowd and you will be able to improve your sales revenue significantly.

Farhan Suleman

Farhan Suleman is a proficient writer with a strong grip on the concepts of marketing, technology, design and lifestyle. His articles have been featured on well-renowned sites including Business2Community and Inspiration Feed.

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