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Digital Marketing
By JOHN RUSKIN 684 views

All you need to know about Strategies for Digital Marketing for Dentist

Dentists are some of the most underrated doctors in the world. People tend to forget how much a dentist’s role means to their hygiene until a painful cavity or a wisdom tooth pops up. Despite having so many oral issues that can ail people, the highly competitive industry has dipped the share of each. This is where Digital Marketing for Dentists comes into the picture. 

In a dog-eat-dog world, a practitioner must stay a few steps ahead of the competing practices to keep his/her business afloat and progressing. Since a study has revealed that 77 percent of people search for dentists online, it has become all the more necessary to have a powerful digital marketing strategy in place.

How do you know which strategy would work for you?

There are probably hundreds of books out there in the world that claim to hand you the cheat sheet to succeed in business. While it may work for a handful, if words actually showed results, the most successful businessmen would have been scholars. In this case, it is better to consult a dental marketing company in California or in your area of business that provides services customized for your business or practice. They have professionals who have years of industry experience to predict what your business needs to do better. You can refer to the following digital marketing strategies for dentists to reel in new patients on your list until that happens.

  • Creation of Google My Business Account

If you are really serious about reaching out to more people and starting building a loyal client list, you need to start with creating a Google My Business Account. It is going to be a one-stop solution to every query that your clients might have about your business. Be it the timings of the clinic or the years of experience in this business, a verified and established website says it all. On having a GMB account, there is easy access to patients that are looking for a service that you are willing to provide.

  • Local Ads on Facebook 

The beauty of social media can be seen for professional use with Facebook Ad Services. Being one of the most used social media platforms can effectively target the audience you want as your client and spread the word online. Since the pandemic has brought the world closer via the internet, it is the best place to look for potential clients. You can customize the area you want to target or even the demography that suits your business. Most importantly, adding local areas ensures the most success since people look for dental services within their defined radius.

  • Reviews on Website and Yelp

For businesses, reputation and brand mean everything to their success. For people who are not that well-acquainted with your business, reviews are one of the most obvious ways they try to understand the quality and extent of services the business is providing. So improving the reviews and filtering them properly should be a good step towards creating a positive impact in the minds of the potential clients.

  • Add yourself to relevant directories for dentists

Although people search online for good dentists, finding a reliable dentist can be a hectic job. A survey by Pew Research shows that nearly 25% of people prefer referring to dentist directories to look for a good dentist. It not only gives a boost to your local SEO strategies but also adds to your efforts in improving rankings for Search Engine Optimization. It is better to disclose full information about your practice so that people do not find it fishy.

  • Instagram advertisements

Instagram has approximately 1 billion users per month. This should be reason enough to understand the power of Instagram to reach out to a wider audience to help your business grow with digital marketing. Scrolling on this platform has become a daily habit for millions of people, making it a lucrative digital marketing strategy to pop your ads in between their scrolling. Paid advertisements are useful ways of marketing to target the demography of your choice. You can also start a page for your business on Instagram so that people can easily reach out to you without the need to search on a search engine. Greater your accessibility, longer will be your client list.

  • Ads on mobile phones

The technologically-driven world has come to a stage where having a smartphone has transformed from a want to a need. The device has been integrated into our lives since everything we need is just a phone click away. As such, it becomes easy to rely upon smartphones to convert ads into clients. The GPS services on the phone allow people to search within their proximity and learn about your business. Since most searches on Google are shown to be from smartphones, it is a smart move to shift to mobile ads, preferably with Call-to-Action for better client conversion rates.

  • Long term SEO strategy

Last but not least comes Search Engine Optimization. This is the Holy Grail of Dental Marketing Services. A lot of people run searches on Google and other engines but who decides which one the clients see first? It’s the algorithm that gives ranks to businesses based on certain criteria. An optimized website, a proactive blog, and higher engagement on the website all work towards creating a long-term SEO strategy. This helps in visibility among the target audience and boosts conversion rates.

Do you need all of these Digital Marketing strategies?

The answer to this question depends upon your business and the reach it wants. Better reach is possible with multiple strategies but too many cooks can spoil the broth too. It is better to start with focused approaches and invest in them to see noticeable results, preferably after consultation with a digital marketing expert. 

In all, these are the basic strategies that your dental services business can use to grow and turn into a success. Pick what suits your needs and watch your business do better by manifolds.

John Ruskin

John Ruskin is marketing adviser and advertiser for small and medium business.