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The dining table is the focus of attention of every house. It is the most essential dining piece of furniture for any dining room. We spend most of the family time on the dinner table also we like to serve our guests at the best place & furniture. So it is important to have one stylish and practical unit of dining table which showcases beauty as well as comfort.
There are lots of different varieties in dining tables that are available in the market but you need to select the best from it. For the best selection through the wide available range, you just need to go through the following points which will help you to invest your money in the best dining table.

1. The timber used for crafting the dining table:

Wooden material implies warmth and richness of furniture. It is always a good choice to choose a timber dining table as it is strong as well as it will last a lifetime as compared to other type of materials. With the use of timber dining table you can achieve the natural and aesthetic look of your dining area.
Once you have decided to have a wooden dining table then you must search for the right type of timber that suits your existing interior style. You can get a variety of wooden material such as Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash, Blackbutt, Jarrah, Stringy Bark, Messmate, Spotted Gum, Blackwood, Wormy Chestnut, Mahogany, American Oak and American Ash. Choose the best one that goes with your decor.

2. Dining Table Shape:

A rectangular dining table is right for the long spacious room and large dining area. Such shape of dining table provides comfortable leg space. Everyone can easily grab the food if width of the table is not too wide.
Round shape dining tables are made for small dining areas and limited dining space. A round dining table gives more space around the corner so it allows you to accommodate more guests around the table.

So I would advise you to analyze your dining space and then only select the right shape of the dining table as per requirement.

3. Dining Table Size:

As I mentioned earlier, you must measure your dining room before buying a dining table. You should select the size of your dining table according to the measurement and space available. While considering space for the dining table you must consider the space for chairs and space for movement of those chairs. Generally, we need 2 feet space for comfortable movement of chairs. So consider this space requirement to walk around the table comfortably.
Also, order the size of the dining table that can be installed properly without any obstacles in its way of installation. Consider the size of the dining-room door, hallway, and corner of stairs so that there will not be any problem while installing it.

4. Design and style of dining table:

The design of the dining table enhances the beauty of your dining room so the next and important thing to be considered in the design and style of the dining table. Ready dining tables design may not fit in your existing style of the dining area. So you can think of having a custom made dining table from a reputed furniture designer. You can order Custom Dining Tables in Melbourne the way you want or have imagined how it would be, an experienced designer will craft the same for you. While ordering a custom made dining table, you can select timber & leg style such as hoop leg, crossed legs & hairpin legs.

5. Dining chairs or bench:

Most of us prefer to have chairs with the dining table setting but nowadays a dining table with bench is also in high demand. You can get the right chair that suits your dining table. The comfort of chairs is the most essential part when it comes to the selection of chairs for the dining table. Chairs should be comfortable as well as elegant in appearance. You can match the color and leg design of chairs with custom made dining tables.
I’ve mentioned all the necessary points that should be considered for selecting the best piece of dining table for your home. Now you are all set to purchase a dining table that will be the modern addition to your dining room.

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