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Multi-level and direct selling marketing software(MLM) helps direct sales companies and distributors throughout the process of sales and marketing. And also provide features that help with the generation of leads, distribution, customer management, inventory, and marketing. Multi-level marketing platforms always function as e-commerce and provide businesses with payment and sale tax management. MLM software is designed for executives of multi-level marketing companies, distributors, and salespeople.

We will be considering the best direct selling software, network marketing software, and some popular features to look for in MLM when searching for one. And also some advantages of using dedicated MLM in comparison to conventional accounting and marketing tools.

Best Multi-Level Marketing software 

An MLM software must have the following features for it to be considered the best:

Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Buying CRM software alone is very expensive but when it is incorporated into a bigger MLM suite, the return value can exceed the investment.  CRM software helps to track every contact for a business and also organize and file important salesperson and customer information at every contact. A complicated distributor downline network and the salesperson can be tracked using MLM software with an inbuilt CRM. And this will help you keep a record of customers, distributors, and sales contact. 


The complicated financial situations of network marketing companies make it difficult for them to calculate sales returns and commissions. Like the time they invest in doing the calculation can be used in doing something more productive. With the accounting feature in MLM,  the calculation become easy and can also track sales from e-commerce sites.

Order Management and Direct Sales

Most of the profits that the network marketing business gained are from direct sales of products to customers which is in line with FTC regulation. 

MLM software products make provision for invoicing, ordering, and payment records. Invoicing and billing tracking and inventory management are included in sales and order management. These tools can be found in many shipping, logistics, or accounting solutions, but all these are combined in an MLM platform because it is a necessity for product distribution for direct sales companies.


Direct selling is usually done door to door by the company’s representatives. But over the years there has been a great change in the mode of sales, as many buyers now prefer using the internet to buy. So direct marketing has to follow the trend. A good MLM software should provide access to e-commerce sites and social media with email marketing and complete branding. 

Direct sales just like every other business rely on marketing to get new customers and also build a distributor network. In any multi-level marketing tools, you want to consider buying make sure social sharing, marketing automation, web management, and email marketing are included.

Comparing MLM Software

Apart from the features listed above that need to be put into consideration when buying an MLM product suite. You need to ensure the product you choose fits into your workflow, provides a good user experience, and offers integration with other systems that you use. 

Some other factors you can also consider when doing comparison are;

Legal advice: for someone just starting up a multi-level marketing company, you want to ensure your products and services conform to both the local and federal regulations. 

Online catalog and e-commerce: if you have a complex catalog and a large network, then you should consider e-commerce and online catalogs. Because it gives potential customers and salespeople easy access, as they can search for your products online without stress. And it saves you the time of showing your products to everyone one by one.

Social media integration: according to sales professionals and distributors the use of social media increases the demand for a product and easy market penetration.

Granulated user controls: with this feature every sensitive information is hidden from downline distributors as they can only access the important part of the software.

Direct Selling Software

Direct selling is the process of marketing and retailing products and services to buyers without involving a middleman. In direct selling, there is a need to interact personally with customers. 

Direct selling software is software that is used in direct selling marketing to track profits, sales, and expenses conveniently. The best direct selling software should streamline your business operations, give high productivity, have a good integration system, optimize your business performance and be cost-effective.

In conclusion

Choosing the right multi-level marketing software for your company can be difficult but luckily most of them have a free trial. So you can test each one to see the one that works best for you. 

And also with the help of some of the features highlighted above you should be able to make the right choice. If it meets your requirements and the plan is good for you, why not go ahead and buy.

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