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Mirror Frame Ideas
By HARRY NEILS 2,584 views

DIY Mirror Frame Ideas for Old Useless Mirrors

Interior designing is an expensive luxury. Readymade decorations for your homes are so expensive these days that homeowners usually skip them altogether and settle for a rather boring look. However, if you are nifty and crafty with tools and know your way around designing, you still might be able to use some old thrown-away items and make something truly stunning for your home. These budget decor ideas will bring out your best creative skills. Generating mirror frame ideas for old mirrors is a thinkable task for you.

Mirrors have played their part in interior designing for as long as anyone can remember. Like most decorative household items, framed mirrors are expensive. If you have a few old Frameless Mirror pieces lying around in the store that is still in good condition, using a few additional used items, you can make them look great.

Here are a few great DIY techniques that can make that old mirror without a frame look and feel great:

1: A Bit of Sunburst for All Day Design

All most of us humans need to charm up our day is a look at the sun. While the real thing might just be too glary for some, an artificial sunburst made from an easy DIY involving a round frameless mirror and a few fallen twigs and sticks might just be perfect for an indoor view of the sun. This beautiful sunburst design will look good all day. It is an artistic mirror frame idea for your room’s interior.

2: Wooden Cutout Beautiful Frame

The next one is a bit difficult to achieve for people with lower craftiness levels. However, if you are good enough with handling your tools and have a big piece of wood lying around, this can be a really good one. Cut, craft and polish a wooden frame from your wood log and place a frameless mirror between it. Paint the wooden frame in the color of your wall to make it look great.

3: Old Pallet + Frameless Mirror = Rustic Elegance

Yes, this equation is very plausible if you have old wooden pallets and a mirror without a frame. Keep the color and design of the pallets and cut them into the shape of the mirror frame. Place your mirror between the pallets and hang them with nails on your favorite wall. A little fireplace beneath it will double up the charm even if it is a fake one. The whole look will be a rustic elegance from the early 1900s. You will enjoy the way the whole wall looks and the ability to tie up that hair in front of the mirror is an add-on.

4: Jute It Up

Got a round mirror without a frame tucked away in the store. All you now need is some pieces of Styrofoam wreath in a matching round shape with some jute that will wrap around the Styrofoam giving it a pleasant look. You can choose the color of your jute to your preference, match it with the wall or contrast it, your choice. This mirror can be attached to the wall and can also be hung down as preferred to complete the look.

5: Crafty Round Mirror Rounder Frame

This is another time to take the DIY project. If you have a round mirror with no frame, a frame can be added made from nothing but a branch of wood. Cut the brand into thin wooden pieces keeping their round circular shape and adhere them all together using strong adhesives. Now you need to adhere the round mirror on top of all wooden pieces, provided you have made sure they are all at the same flat level and the whole thing can be nailed into the wall or adhered into it, your choice. These amazing mirror frame ideas are best for your bedrooms.

6: A Bit of Light for a Festive Look

Got some old Christmas or festive lights that are still working from last year? Your old mirror with a boring-looking frame can be turned into a new exciting piece of art when you wrap these small lights on all of its sides. Not only will the frame pop out of the wall but the dim lighting will provide you a much sleeker look of yourself whenever you stand in front of the mirror.

7: Plain Old Grandma’s Fabric Covers for Mirror Frame Ideas

Why only use fabric covers for your pillows when you can have them make your frameless mirror look great? All you need is a fabric cover in any edge width of your choice that fits around the sides of your mirror and you are good to go. Make this your fireplace companion and the whole thing will charm up in its fresh new look.

8: Seashell Dressed Mirror Frame Ideas

This DIY project is not only difficult but is also one of the more costly ones if you don’t live on a beach. Get yourself some seashells (you will need quite a lot of them) and start adhering them on a flat Styrofoam or wooden frame, whichever one you can find. Leave the space for your mirror precisely and place the mirror between the seashell dressings. Majestic!

9: Some Styrofoam Love for That Wall

We just can’t stop telling you good things about Styrofoam right! Well, this one is inexpensive and beautiful at the same time. Paint your round Styrofoam into a color of your choice, place your flat thin round mirror on it and add some embellishments on the sides of the mirror. Boom, you have a beautiful-looking wall mirror.

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