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By JOE MAILLET 1,247 views

Do and don’t during in Vitro fertilization (IVF)

In vitro fertilization refers to fertilization outside the body. That means fertilization of sperm and egg outside the human body and it is done in a laboratory.

There are so many things that we can do or we can’t do during IVF treatment. The things we can do:-

  • Healthy eating:- Eat a proper diet during IVF because although your body always needs the best first for energy. Healthy eating includes fresh items such as fruits, juice, and vegetables.
  • Stress:- now day stress is common in everyone’s life but the management of that stress is too good which you can maintain by having family time that is you can play indoor games, must-read positive thought, reading books, novels can also help you to reduce your stress.
  • Exercise:- in daily life routine exercise must be part of that but if it’s not then don’t worry. But during IVF treatment exercise must your daily routine part.
  • Meditation:- we all know meditation such as reduce stress, tension depression, etc. Doing meditation during IVF treatment will reduce your negative thought coming into your mind and provide you your space.
  • Sleep well:- sleep well means you must have your sleeping time of more than 7+ hours. Sleep doesn’t mean that you have your negative thought in your mind. Sleep refers to the rest of the physical as well as the mental body also.
  • Take your medicines and vitamins:– medicine and vitamins are essential for your body at that time so taking your medicines on time will provide you energy to get relief from pain and problems.
  • Drink lots of fluids such as juice, water, homemade shakes, etc.
  • Consult your doctor timely:- consult with your doctor doesn’t mean that you can’t ask anything You must tell your problem or share your experience due to which your doctor can match whether the experience is positive or negative. Also, ask your doctor for a change of medicine and exercise and many more good things required for your body.

The things we can’t do:-

  • Avoid alcohol:- consuming alcohol during IVF treatment or in daily life will always harm your body and internal organs.
  • Avoid heavy exercise:- heavy exercise can give you the risk in your pregnancy so avoid heavy exercise.
  • Avoid fast food:- although fast food is in better taste according to your situation it may be harmful.
  • Ignore taking stress and tension
  • Avoid taking pain relief pills or any other medicine that is not provided or recommended by your doctor.
  • Don’t do exercise for weight loss
  • Avoid consuming caffeine:- if you are addicted to caffeine products such as coffee and tea. You can take half a cup of coffee to avoid taking tea as much as you can because caffeine can give you a risk that can be minor or major in your pregnancy.
  • Avoid meal of fish:- don’t consume fish during IVF treatment because fish are high in mercury which can harm your pregnancy.
  • Avoid consulting more and more doctors:- consulting more and more doctors will confuse you to take a positive decision and avoid taking medicine of all the doctors.

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Joe Maillet

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