Do you want to save on your PPC Budget?

There are times when you are running a small business and you do not have ample budget in hand and yet you want to promote your business through ads. It becomes very difficult to deal with such situations where you have to maintain a balance between reality and aspirations. All your decisions have to be taken wisely so as to take care of all the parameters.

To run ads for products/ services promotion, you should have SEM marketing done for your business. Now, for the small businesses, many times SEM becomes a toll on the owner. So, to get rid of this issue, there are some techniques that can help you lower down the budget by eliminating junk PPC queries. In this article, you will learn how to minimize unnecessary expenses and boost your business wisely.

You must be surprised at how it is possible. But yes, it is possible! Negative keywords are truly a blessing for the small scale industries. These are nothing but the keywords that do not let your ad from being triggered, by a certain phrase or word.

Using those keywords in your campaigns and ads can eliminate unnecessary traffic. Let’s discuss how you can use negative keywords.

1. Campaign level

If you add a negative keyword right at the campaign level, Google will never display your ad for that particular keyword. You should use this technique for the keywords which will never be part of your product. That is, the ones which are totally irrelevant for your product or service will never be shown.

2. Ad group level

If you add negative keywords at the ad group level, then Google does not show ads with that particular ad group level. You can use these keywords to control Ad Words campaigns.

For both the above cases, that are two approaches: traditional & protective. The traditional way eliminates the extraneous queries that are irrelevant to the product or service by using negative keywords. Whereas the protective way restricts the usage of too specific keywords from the general ads, even if it is in context with the phrase.

By adding negative keywords in campaign or ad group level, online marketers can see a lot of benefits:

  • Elimination of irrelevant traffic and queries
  • Saves money
  • Improved ROI & CTR which in turn creates a positive impact on the overall keyword quality score.

Now, after having some knowledge about negative keywords & their use, the next important step is to prepare a list of negative keywords. Based on your nature of work, you may build the list. There are some general negative keywords also, which are available online and are usually useful for all genres of work. These general negative keywords can at least help in eliminating basic erroneous queries.

The next step which comes in the picture is the queries. Now it’s the time where you start searching query reports using the Google interface. See what phrases are popping up again and again and are irrelevant to your business. Which queries you think do not match the user intent which you are targeting? Based on these points, start your research.

All you need to aim is bidding on the best keywords. This will solve your 50 percent of the problem. You should just know how to use them appropriately and efficiently to make the most out of this technique. Well, do not worry so much! There are great Digital Marketing Agency’s that can help you deal this with the best of their knowledge and working capabilities.

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