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document scanner
By ANVI LEWIS 1,870 views

Finding the Best Document Scanner for your Business

Since you have arrived here, we are sure you must be looking for a good document scanner for your business. The market is filled with different types of image scanners, and finding the perfect one for your organization is not an easy task. Not to mention, there are various technologies available out there, and you will come across a TWAIN scanner, a SANE-compliant scanner, a WIA scanner, etc. Out of all, a TWAIN-compliant scanner is the best option for businesses as it offers a large no. of benefits. This blog will first introduce the key features of a good document scanner and how choosing a TWAIN scanner can benefit your business. So, without any further delay, let’s get started. 

Features to Look for in a Document Scanner

A document scanner helps digitize documents that further provide better information preservation, less paper clutter, improved employee collaboration, and enhanced disaster recovery. Not to mention, it contributes to a greener environment. While document scanning offers several exciting benefits, choosing the best document scanner to make the most out of it is crucial. To help you out, here are the key features to look for in a document scanner

  • High Speed and Efficiency:

    One of the most exciting benefits of an image scanner is that it accelerates workflows and boosts efficiency. Hence, make sure the document scanner you choose is fast enough to scan a large number of documents in one session. Image scanners of some leading companies are capable enough to scan thousands of documents in one go. It is best to go ahead with such options. You can compare different scanners to see which one is the fastest. 

  • Good Editing Features:

    Scanning is not the only critical feature of a document scanner. It should come with standard editing features too. You should be able to view the documents and perform basic editing operations such as crop, rotate, mirror, adjust brightness, contrast, etc. The basic editing functions should be performed with the image scanner itself. 

  • Easy Export and Upload:

    A good document scanner supports different document formats such as PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP. Also, it will allow you to upload and download images via HTTPS/HTTP. Another essential feature is to save files to the network or local repositories. 

  • Strong Security Features:

    All sorts of documents need to be scanned daily. Hence, security is a vital requisite. Some common security features that the document scanner you choose are data encryption, digital signature, authorization to access local files, etc. Do not miss out on security features to keep your company’s data safe and secure. 

Why should you choose a TWAIN Compliant Scanner?

As stated above, a TWAIN scanner provides more benefits than any other. TWAIN stands for ‘Technology Without An Interesting Name’ and is the most commonly used standard and protocol in document scanners. Below are some essential benefits of a TWAIN-compliant scanner. Take a look. 

  • Digital Camera Support:

    Compared to other technologies such as ISIS and SANE, a TWAIN scanner provides superior digital support, only next to a WIA-compliant scanner. 

  • Operating System Support:

    A TWAIN-compliant scanner supports more operating systems than any other. It supports Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OS. 

  • Scanning Functionality:

    A TWAIN scanner comes with good scanning functionality. 

All in all, a TWAIN-compliant scanner provides maximum compatibility and is suitable for most applications and operations. Based on the requirements of your business, you can either opt for a web-based or a desktop-based TWAIN scanner. Whichever document scanner you choose, do not forget to try it before you buy. Many leading organizations provide 30-day free trials to let you do an in-depth analysis of the scanner and make informed decisions. Also, make sure you partner with a company that offers timely upgrades, good technical support, and proper training. After all, it is crucial to understand the functioning of the scanner to start using it. 

Although a little tricky, your search for the perfect document scanner can become a lot easier with the above-mentioned tips and features. Not to mention, in-depth analysis and comparison of different options will further help you find the best document scanner for your business. 

Anvi Lewis

Anvi Lewis is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of web development and Software development services. She is an expert in learning management system & software development technologies.