Domestic Water Pumps

Water is the basic necessity for living as well as any commercial business and thus water pumping solutions have evolved to meet the needs in urban as well as rural areas of India.

Industries have expert consultants for pumping solutions but for domestic usage, one has to do its analysis. This guide will help you in picking domestic water pumps that best suits your need.

Application of Domestic Pumps

Domestic water pumps are highly efficient which makes them suitable for apartments, farmhouses, bungalows, and rural/urban residences where they can be clubbed with solar energy resources too.

Comparatively, they are powered with low torque/HP motors which serve the purpose of pumping water to moderate heights and distance. Make sure to pump only cold water that does not have any kind of abrasive particle or chemical substances that can affect the functioning of the motor.

Major types of Domestic Pumps

domestic pump types

Shallow Well pumps

The shallow well pump has dominated rural areas with its 8 m suction head capacity suitable to draw water from wells and ponds. They are easy to install and with their high electric efficiency, they go easy on your pockets.

Centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumps are best for domestic use when you want to pump clean water with a high discharge rate. They serve the purpose of filling a pool, underground water tank, or even your gardening sprinklers.

Submersible pumps

As the name suggests, these pumps are designed for getting submerged in water. They are most probably used in open wells or tube wells.

Borewell compressor pumps

This pump works on the principle of pneumatic compression into the bore and drawing the same less dense mixture of air and water in the upward direction. They are highly efficient in terms of electricity usage and are classified into monoblock and belt-driven types.

Pressure booster pumps

These kinds of pumps are installed to increase the pressure of supplied water to a particular point. One has to be very careful while using these pumps are they can increase hydraulic pressure at a level that might be not supported by existing piping. These are good for high-rise buildings and municipal water supply where the pressure drop is too low.

Self-prime regenerative pumps

Deprived of a foot valve, self-priming pumps have internal blades design to recirculate water towards the impeller rather than draining the same. This helps in the removal of air from the pipelines and functions with high efficiency.

Factors to keep in mind while buying domestic pumps:

  • Selecting the type of Domestic Pump:

Domestic water pumps can be divided into the following types according to their specialized operation.

  • Water-boosting pumps
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Borewell Submersible pumps
  • Centrifugal Mon block Pump
  • Shallow Well Jet Pump
  • Horizontal / Vertical Open Well Pump

Do thorough research and analysis on each type for figuring out what kind of water pump will be perfect for your implementation scenario.

  • Head of the domestic pump:

This is the main aspect while you hunt for a water pump which signifies your requirement to deliver water up to a certain height. The Head of a water pump is a variable that lets you determine how powerful it is in terms of pumping water to a distance of your requirement.

  • Water discharge rate:

Pumps are segmented according to their water displacement capacity which is measured in GPM – Gallons per Minute unit. By this variable, you can determine the quantity of water pumped in a minute. If you want your domestic water pumping requirement to be fast, aim for a high GPM discharge rate. Electricity consumption of your water pump is directly proportional to this unit, make sure to balance your discharge rate with affordable power consumption.

  • Size of inlet and outlet:

Make sure to select the proper size of your source and destination piping according to the pumping power you are opting for. Though many adjustments and converters are available it might affect the life and functioning of a pump.

Generally, the size of the inlet and outlet of a water pump ranges from 1 inch to 5 inches. The larger you opt, the quicker your water delivery. Match this variable with your pump capacity and implement piping accordingly.

  • Body of water pump:

Selecting the body of your water pump certainly won’t affect its internal functioning but it is always recommended to go for a sturdy one that will help you over a long period of time. Always opt for a pump with a brass impeller and CI – Cast Iron motor body.

If you are residing near a coastal area then this needs to be compulsory criteria to be matched by your pump, as it will provide long-lasting prevention from corrosion.

  • Power and Hertz Selection:

Water pumps come in 50/60 Hz compatibility which denotes the frequency at which the motor is spinning. In western countries, it is more likely to be 60 Hz while in a country like India it has to be 50 Hz. With higher frequency your equipment will heat up more, thus countries observing higher atmospheric temperatures have electric equipment tuned to 50Hz for preventing the hazardous situation.

The power of a pump is measured in HP – Horsepower which is directly related to the suction or pumping distance you are targeting. For domestic usage 0.5 to 1 HP water pumps are quite adequate but in exceptional scenarios, you can opt for more HP version pumps.

  • Warranty and support:

Quality pumping solutions are never cheap so, while buying one also consider the support/service availability, maintenance guide, and warranty details in your local region. Go for the company providing a decent warranty duration with product support easily at your reach.

Domestic water pump buyers might not be as tech-savvy as industrial engineers but with this checklist, you will land yourself in buying the best domestic water pump for your usage. But always remember when in doubt ask your provider to guide you for a product that best fits your requirement to avoid any kind of problems faced in water pumping solution.

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