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Home Decor
By MIKEMORLEYE 763 views

Dos and Don’ts to Enhance the Look of Your Living Room

Home remodeling or making some changes in your interior spaces is worthy. The renovation or remodeling costs a little but increases the comfort and reselling value of your home. You can do a little makeover on your own but it is better to search about how much does a kitchen renovation cost, what is living room requirements for renovation, or how much will be the bedroom remodeling worth you? These questions will help you to get tips for better home improvement.

However, every room has different requirements and your budget will depend on that needs. But today’s topic isn’t about the budget, it’s about the living room area and how you can enhance its look for your guests.

While decorating or remodeling a home, you can’t spare the living room where you spend a good time with your family and friends. There is no rule for a makeover of your space as everyone has different lifestyles and choices. But, if you’re planning to do some changes to your living area, then here are some dos and don’ts you can follow:

The Dos…

Arranging furniture is a common issue in the living room. Most people often put a sofa, chairs against the walls, and a table in front of them. No doubt, these are essential furniture and arranging them needs a little planning.

Having additional seating makes sense to create a more conversational-friendly environment. But that doesn’t mean to overcrowd the room with furniture. Set one or two comfy chairs across the main seating area or near to couch.

  • The rug choice – pick a large one

The rugs can be challenging to get right into your room. There are many choices of rugs available in the market like modern rugs, designer rugs, traditional rugs, etc. And, even in sizes, you can pick as per your need. When we talk about a rug for a living room, it is better to choose a big-size rug. There is a need to avoid small rugs that cannot reach even the front legs of your sofas or chairs.

Moreover, the small rug makes the entire room look disjointed. On the other hand, larger rugs make your room look more spacious and cleaner. All the furniture should be ideally placed on top of the rug. You also need to maintain some distance from the edges and the walls of the room.

  • Add secret storages

Too much visible stuff everywhere in the living room doesn’t look nice. For this, add some secret storage. Accessories like toys, books, etc., must be put in the hidden compartments. The built-in storages are specially designed to hide a ton of not-so-pretty stuff in them.

Try to highlight the stuff that looks beautiful and graceful in a room like artwork, plants, etc. You can add bookshelves, a table with hidden storage, or built-ins that make sure you’ve invested in the right thing.

  • Get the right coffee table

Take some time for selecting a coffee table. Wrong scaled coffee tables that are

too small, dinky, or either too large makes your room look uneven. This goes for kitchens as well; you should avoid making such hazardous mistakes while remodelling your kitchen. For the living room, the coffee table is for decorative purposes unlike the usage in the kitchen.

You can also choose your table according to the other shapes in a living room like if you have a lot of straight angels, then a round table must be a perfect fit for them.

  • Consider Lighting

Living room lighting is not complex as other rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, or reading room. However, it is still an essential consideration. Sources for natural light must be placed in different areas of the room.

Plus, you can add some decorative lights like chandeliers, floor lamps, and sconces. Apart from that, you can install dimmer switches to get light in different motions.

  • Put side tables

Side tables are perfect spots to rest your drink over them and add beauty to your space. You can also place a lamp or an indoor plant on these tables. Consider adding a table to the sides of the sofa or one side of the couch.

The Don’ts…

Several mistakes people do while decorating their living rooms. All these mistakes can make your room look dull, boring, or sometimes outdated. So, here is the list of some don’ts that you must not apply to your living room:

  • Don’t push all the furniture to the walls. Instead, keep some space between your furniture and wall area.
  • If you have any hanging artwork in your room, then don’t hang it too high. No one wants to bother the neck to see that piece. Add the artwork in the area where eyes catch it instantly
  • Do not use too many throw pillows in the living room. No doubt, throw pillows are great decorative pieces to set in the living area but use in fewer numbers only.
  • Don’t go with matching cushions. Instead, try different colours, textures, and variant patterns. It will give your sofa a new look.
  • Don’t purchase an entire living room set. You can create an interesting and different wood tone by mix-matching it.
  • Don’t forget about the walking space. Keep enough space to move on and make your room more spacious.
  • Don’t spend too much while decorating your living room. Look out for the most money-saving ideas to keep your expenses within the budget.
  • Don’t use a too-small rug. Consider the room size first while purchasing any designer rug for your room.
  • Do not give hot dog folds to blankets on couches. Instead, you can put the blanket in the basket, folding it neatly.

The final word:

Living room decoration isn’t a complex one if you follow the above-said dos and don’ts. It is your space where you spend some quality time with others, so go with your mind as well as your heart while choosing the things for it.


Hi I am Mike Morleye, a writer by both profession and passion. I combine my skills to share insights on various topics in most interesting way.