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We all desire healthy and radiant skin yet don’t really know what it takes. It depends on person to person, how each one of us tries to attain glowing skin. While some have it naturally, for others, on the contrary, it isn’t a cakewalk. We try product after product, yet fail to attain the type of skin we’re dreaming of. Regardless you have it easy or juggling between a variety of products, we bring to you what you should and should NOT be doing when it comes to skincare.


  •  Increase water intake

Water is a natural solution for many health-related problems. If you have acne-prone skin, water might be the magic potion you need. Your skin is the largest organ covering your entire body requires you to be hydrated. For that, you should drink plenty of water. The ideal amount of water intake should be at least 8 glasses a day. It removes dead cells and toxins out from your body and maintain a healthy look and feel to your skin.

  •  Exfoliation is must

This goes without saying but healthy-glowing skin demands sufficient exfoliation. Besides water, exfoliation also works on eliminating dead cells from the pores of your skin and keeps it clear for the nutrients to enter and absorb. Make sure you have alcohol free skincare products in hand that will ensure that your skin remains fresh and lively irrespective of your skin type.

  • Healthy food helps

Of course, we all like to dig in on delicious junk food now and then but is it helping our skin’s condition? Not really. What you eat reflects on your skin. Call it skincare only when you start with choosing healthy eating over junk. Even if you consume alcohol, it can be harmful to the health of your skin and body. You can also choose to use alcohol-free skincare products to keep yourself away from alcohol as much as possible. Moreover, treat your body and skin with nutrient-rich food, vitamin A, C, E, and antioxidants.


  • Pick at your skin

It’s hard to resist when we see a bump or acne on our face. It is a common feeling among many yet not good for our skin. To simply put it, avoid touching your face or skin frequently. Firstly, your hands tend to carry lots of bacteria and dirt which can fill in the pores of your skin and cause cell damage. Ultimately, the bacterium spreads on the surface of the skin and causes skin issues such as active acne, inflammation, pigmentation, and so on. So, don’t pick out or touch your skin.

  • Skip moisturizer because you have oily skin

Clearly, it’s a false belief. Even oily skin needs hydration and the key to it is applying a moisturizer that suits you best. If you skip this step, chances are your body might produce increased oils and lack of moisture can make your skin condition poor.

Your skin becomes how you treat it from in and out. Homecare routine and treatment go hand in hand. If you’re into skincare and looking for effective products, check out botanical beauty organic skincare for skincare options consisting of organic and skin-friendly elements.

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