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Before analyzing the differences between the two kinds of beer. Let us concentrate on what is daft beer and what is regular beer? Draft beer is also known by the name draught beer. The beers stored in kegs and barrels within a brewery are called draft beer. This kind of beer is served through the tap openings. These beers are aromatic and they have a very smooth texture. These kinds of beers are also unfiltered or unpasteurized.

The kegs usually do not allow the sunlight or air to pass through. If this beer is stored for a longer period of time then the top layer of the beer forms a bio-form layer. Which enhances the taste and flavor of the beer. Since the keys do not allow sunlight or air to penetrate through them, they, therefore, store the aromatic essence of the beer along with the gases.

One should also keep in mind that the carbon level of the beer can be changed and managed while pouring the beer into the glasses. For maintenance of such beer bars and keep the business flowing it is mandatory that one relies on equipment like a beer fob, fob so that the beer is not wasted at all. 

Moving further, what is a regular beer?

Regular beer is considered to be a bottled beer. These beers do not need to be consumed within the brewery or the bar. Beers can be made in factories, unlike draft beers. These beers are easily portable and also are easily available in the grocery stores and whatnot! It is very easy for sunlight to penetrate through these beers. And this is the reason why these beers are not so aromatic or rich in flavor as draft beers are. And especially when the beer is light-colored. 

Main differences between draft beer and regular beer

  1. Draft beers are stored in kegs or barrels whereas, on the other hand, the regular beer is observed in bottles. Regular beers usually come in bottles or cans usually dark-colored bottles. 
  2. Draft beers are stored in barrels and it does not allow sunlight to penetrate through them. On the other hand, regular beers are stored in bottles and if the beer is stored in light-colored bottles then it is very much prone to sunlight. 
  3. Since there is no penetration of sunlight into the draft beer, therefore, these beers are quite aromatic and have strong flavors whereas, on the other hand. Regular beer does not have that much aroma as sunlight can pass or penetrate through them. 
  4. The kegs used for the draft beers are not portable and also have to be consumed from the place they are brewed. On the other hand, regular beer that is, the bottled beers are portable. And can be carried at home and also can be consumed at any place. 
  5. The taps used for pouring draft beers are left open therefore this beer can be easily contaminated since the taps are used frequently i.e. for opening and closing. On the other hand, the regular beer that comes in the bottles always remains sterilized to maintain the hygiene of the bottles and of course the beer
  6. When the taps are opened for pouring the draft or the crafted beer the tap is opened. And with the opening of the tap carbon dioxide also pours out. This carbonation of the bottles can be maintained and changed accordingly. On the other hand, this carbonation cannot be controlled or managed in regular beer as the beer is stored in bottles. And when the bottle is opened the carbon dioxide stored inside the bottle is released. 

These are the main differences between the draft and regular beer. Beer is considered and known to be the oldest and most consumed alcoholic beverage. For a fact, it is the third most consumed liquid beverage around the world. Beers have different flavors and each beer is stored differently. 

Regular beers are usually stored in dark-colored bottles. And can be found in many local bars and restaurants and grocery shops. These beers are easily portable and can be carried away easily. And these are also sterilized as hygiene plays a vital role in alcohol consumption. 

This is all that you need to know about crafted i.e. draft beer and regular i.e. bottled beer. For the maintenance of the craft or the draft beer, one needs equipment like a double beer fob so as to avoid the wastage of the beer during pouring it from the barrel to the glass. For the maintenance of the bar or the brewery, one should keep such equipment. With proper maintenance, you can earn more and lose less.

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