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singapore cruise
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How to Book Dream Singapore Cruise – Here is Everything you want to Know

If you never took a cruise journey, then you’ll never understand why people have an addiction to cruising. People like traveling through cruise journeys as it brings them close to nature and tranquillity. Imagine getting on a trip where you only see water as far as your eyes can see; feels fantastic, right? Well, you can also experience the tranquility you just imagined by booking the popular Singapore cruise by Roaming Routes. A journey from Singapore to various places like Phuket and Bali on a grand, luxurious cruise as your dream holiday.

Roaming Routes offers a wide range of cruise holiday packages like the Singapore Cruise Package that will take you on a fun, thrilling, and adventurous trip to Singapore. You will see all the city’s popular attractions, do some favorite activities, and enjoy a lavish stay on a grand cruise.

Introduction of Singapore cruise

Singapore Cruise to Malaysia is a special package offered by many travel agents in India to people across the world. This travel set will take you to the fantastic city of Singapore, where you will visit all its famous attractions. And the special highlight of this package is the cruise journey in the overseas waters.

There are various travel packages for the Singapore Cruise from Mumbai and other cities options with unique inclusions, number of days, and prices. You can select your ideal holiday on a cruise to make your dream holiday a reality.

Places you can visit by Singapore Cruise

Singapore is a trendy city and a renowned holiday destination located near Malaysia. Thousands of people visit the city every year during their holiday season as it offers the best time to relax and relieve their stress. The city has various places that attract tourists to visit the city more than once.

Here is the place that you can visit by Singapore Cruise holiday package:

1. Sentosa

 Sentosa Island tour

Sentosa is a small island resort located on the Southern Coast of Singapore city. The place has everything that a person would want during his holiday to make it more happening and fun. You can visit the exotic beaches to get the tan you have wanted for a long time, or you can enjoy the skyline to enjoy the top view of the city. Visit the Adventure Cove waterpark or the Singapore Butterfly and the Insect Kingdom.

2. Night Safari

Night Safari - Roaming Routes

No tourist who visits Singapore for the first time can ignore Night Safari from their list of places to stay in the city. Night Safari is the top-most and 12-time winner of the category- Best Attraction Award. It is a nocturnal zoo with various animals living in their natural habitat. The place has more than 900 animals of over 100 species that you will see during your visit.

The best part about this safari is the tram that will make you see the animals in their natural habitat.

3. S.E.A Aquarium Singapore

Another famous attraction of your dream holiday destination is the S.E.A Aquarium of Singapore. S.E.A is the world’s largest aquarium with a total of 10,000 marine animals. The place is designed so that you watch the animals closely and have the most extensive viewing panel. The special 36-meter wide panel gives visitors a feeling of being on the ocean floor.

4. Universal Studios

Universal Studios Singapore Cruise Tour

If sport and adventure are on your list, then you can’t miss visiting Universal Studios. Singapore’s Universal Studios is a theme park located on Sentosa Island. The place is known for its thrilling rides, fun shows, and activities divided into 7 themed zones.

The studio has famous attractions like Trick Eye Museum, Dolphin Island, Sunset Sail, and other adventure rides. Make your visit memorable by indulging yourself in fun sports and activities.

Some Popular Singapore Cruise Packages

1. Singapore Cruise Package for 6Days/5Nights

2. Singapore with Dream Cruise Getaway Package for 8 Days/7 Nights

3. Singapore with 5 Nights Dream Cruise for 10 Days/ 9 Nights

4. Customized Cruise Package by Roaming Routes

Conclusion to booking Singapore Cruise from India (Mumbai and other ports)

To book a Singapore Cruise holiday package, firstly, you have to visit the website of a Travel agent or another booking website. For an explanation we are sharing the booking procedure for roaming Routes, follow a few steps and select your ideal box.

How to book a Singapore cruise holiday package by Roaming Routes:

1. Visit the website of Roaming Routes and select the Singapore Cruise Packages.

2. You will see various Singapore Cruise itineraries with different package costs, number of days, and other inclusions.

3. You can see the details or ask for an inquiry to know more about the package you like the most.

4. You can register yourself on the website by giving your contact number, address, and email address.

5. An agent will contact you to give you details about the Singapore cruise package and ask about your preference for your dream holiday. You can give them details, and they will design your ideal package in the given time.

6. Once you confirm your itinerary, make the payment to ensure your holiday package with Roaming Routes. They also have a special EMI package by which you can pay the money after your dream holiday.

7. Pack your bags and take your dream holiday with the best travel agent in India- Roaming Routes.

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