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So your big day has come to an end. You are trawling through all the photos in your phone, the ones were taken by those camera-savvy friends who brought their fancy DSLRs, and those hashtagged snaps making it into Instagram!

Wedding day is one of those extra-special days that come and go in a flash. So many things, so many memories take place just within a span of some hours that sometimes, it can be a bit blurry and misty. As people say, good times pass too quickly, and there might be things and memories that have slipped your mind on this memorable occasion.

Why You Should Make Your Dream Wedding Photo Album

Wedding albums have long been around, and of course, for good reasons. Sure, we have Instagram. Facebook and other platforms to share your amazing pictures. But let us admit it, when it comes to reminiscing those beautiful memories, nothing beats the feeling of holding a printed collection in your hands.

Not only will that album preserve and showcase the valuable pictures from your big day, but you can also turn to that keepsake as many times as you want to recall some of the happiest hours of your life. It is the perfect nostalgic gift that you can display proudly in your home, something that is not only a representation of your wedding but also an epitome of the love you and your partner share.

Moreover, creating a dream wedding photo album is an art. Luckily, wedding albums can be much more innovative and stunning today, and you can create them just the way you want. You have the option of choosing cover materials, size, paper quality, page thickness, custom personalization, and much more.

On top of this, you can also use your wedding album layout like a book, expressing your and your partner’s story as it unfolds. And there is no one better to design the album than you two as you get to decide how you want to deliver your love saga. You and your partner are the ones who can slip the memories into safe sleeves for years or even generations to come.

How To Create A Special Wedding Photo Album For Your Special Day

A wedding day is full of emotion. Starting from the moment the bride and groom put their dresses on to their first romantic exchange of looks all the way to the final wedding toast, your photographer is there to capture every precious moment. Your wedding album is like your long-cherished wedding dress – meant to be admired and enjoyed. Just like capturing the wedding is an art, there is an art to crafting a dream album as well.

Putting together is a really fun post-wedding activity, but if you don’t know where to begin and how to do it, you might find the process a bit overwhelming. Let me help you with that!

Here is a simple-as-possible guide to crafting your dream wedding album and telling your love story most uniquely. Read along!

Tip 1: Select Your Absolute Favorite Photos

Too obvious, right? But you shouldn’t choose too many just for the sake of including every picture into it. Your wedding album should be your emotional record, not a technical stack. It should be a collection of pictures that are most close to your heart with emotional ties holding for the special day.

Go for the photos that most purely reflect the true essence of that day, such as wind blowing up the veil or the groom’s reaction to seeing the bride.

Tip 2: Get Them Organize

Once the selection is done, take some time and get the pictures organized. Your computer and mobile would be cluttered with all the images, Now is the time to get them on one single device and make two separate folders – one for the wedding album and the other for general wedding snaps.

Furthermore, you can sort the photos into different categories: special moments like the cake cutting, dancing, speeches, the first look, the send-off, getting prepared, the ceremony, portraits, candids, etc. As you filter them through, you can easily bring the images together and upload them. Also, to ensure they are 100% safe and sound, back them up on a hard drive as well.

Tip 3: Be Creative With A Theme

A captivating theme for your wedding photo album can really set the mood for your special day. Make sure you choose natural colors to avoid any kind of mismatch with the pictures. For example, black, ivory, elegant cream, mauve are some of the favorite themes for wedding albums.

You might want a collection of all the funny and quirky moments from the day, or maybe the most romantic ones. You can also go for a modern or a more traditional idea of a theme. Thus, if you are finding it difficult to jot down the number of pictures in your album, a theme can give you the needed focus.

Tip 4: Size Them Up

Portrait, landscape, or square? Review your pictures first, and then for an optimal display, match their orientation with that of your album. If you are confused with a range, simply pick the orientation you like the most. By far, landscape albums are most preferred.

Now, medium or large? Think where you have planned to display your album – are you going to place it on the coffee table, or will it take pride of place on a bookshelf? Your priceless keepsake should fit like a glove in your everyday life. So go for the size depending on where it will be kept.

As often as not, people contemplate their wedding on the size of the album. For instance, if you had a grand celebration, opt for a large landscape layout. And if you had a small, intimate wedding, think about choosing a smaller layout.

Tip 5: Choose An Eye-Catching Cover

You and your partner are going to judge the album by its cover. The cover of your wedding album is like the introduction of your love story. Based on the album you choose, you need to decide between a designer cover, a simple text cover, or a photo cover.

Additionally, you also need to set your mind on the cover fabric – something that will exquisitely seize the feel and look of your big day. There is a wide range of fabrics to choose from, such as Italian leather, natural or colored linen, coated cloth, and more.

Tip 6: Steer Clear Of Visual Clutter

As the old proverb goes, “the less, the better,” avoid visual mess. A stunning photo should always stand on its own. You should lay out your wedding photo album with a maximum of one or two photos per spread. For optimal use, try to put a vertical image on a page and sprawl a horizontal photo across two pages. This will bring an aesthetic touch to your memoir.

Tip 7: Those Small Details Go A Long Way

Sure, it’s important to highlight the big moments, but you should not forget to take care of the little things and small details that can breathe life into your wedding pictures on the page. Besides, I’m sure you want to reminisce about those thoughtful details you spent so much time behind, like the wedding favors, accessories, bouquets, decorations, etc.

Keep in mind all the while not to go overboard. The spotlight of the story should be you and your partner, together with your family and friends. Pictures of flowers, trinkets, and decorations are lovely, and they should not shift the focus from the main story.

Tip 8: Procrastination Is A Sin

There are usually two kinds of brides. One orders her wedding album then and there, and the other takes a couple of years! The rule of thumb is – the earlier you order, the better. Create your album while the excitement is still going as a new bride and the memories are still fresh on your mind.

Select the must-have shots first, and then let your photographer do the trick. Let him create an engaging layout with some extra pictures to keep the flow, and you will catch up again to view the draft.

Tip 9: Send The Album Off To Print

After all, is done, this last step is pretty simple. People may be more digital-minded nowadays, but nothing can beat the feel and look of a printed album when it comes to stationery. A digital album or a slideshow of your wedding pictures will not seal the deal for you. You should not pay a bit over the odds for your dream wedding photo album, nor should it be a filthy affair to create.

Opt for a little extra help and look for professional wedding photo album creators. In a hop, skip, and jump, you can find a wide array of wedding-themed templates and layouts to preserve all the golden hours of your wedding day.

It is a simple yet plausible way to get a dream wedding album with custom design services. Let the experts do their job while you can cherish your special day memories for a lifetime. This way, your pictures will speak of the perpetual bond you and your partner are going to share!

The Ultimatum

Your wedding album should be as breathtaking as your wedding ceremony. A wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you should not leave a single chance to relive that day. And a wedding photo album is the best way to walk down that memory lane and tell your unique story to the world. Let an album make its way to your newlywed nest so that you can retrospect that magical day from time to time!

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