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Entertainment Industry
By DAVID BORSHELL 1,319 views

Who is Driving Future of the Entertainment Industry?

While contents are seen as ‘king’, the content authors hold all the cards. For many years the power has been spread out in this ways. It’s a close interweave circle says, David Borshell. Technological changes disrupt the industries but did not disrupt the fans.

There is no secret if we say that competition for attention is always high. Whatever role you are playing, you have to discuss fan engagement with the social team.

Todays, social media has completely changed the way how we connect with our spectators. However, entertainment business moves are mostly discussed in terms of technology as well as platform changes.

The services like SVOD and subscription music are leading to upsurge in live entertainment. Current entertainment trends suggest that it’s not the technological change, but the shift from creator to the customer is driving the growth of the industry. In fact, entertainment and media industries today cannot succeed without the economic, social as well as emotional power of fans.

Entertainment Industry

Virtual Reality Needs to Motivate Fans

Virtual reality has a lot of applications in businesses beyond entertainment industry that lead to saving and risk reduction. Actually, VR and esports are predictable to drive industry growth. However, a difference that esports is more popular than VR is that fans are craving for more. If the audience did not get the content they desire, they never invest in the equipment. Moreover, watching esports is as simple as turning on the TV. Esports has become the mainstream by creating twitch content and also attending rivalry spend plenty of computer upgrades.

Win Fans and Creators by Targeting

Awareness of who is watching your show or listening to music is a game changer. There is a need to imagine the probability of fan engagement, advertisement and revenue generation. This is beyond the fundamental remarketing strategies such as theatres targeting moviegoers when the sequel comes out.

According to David Borshell, the artists who know the audiences listening to their music can engross those fans in an eminent way and local tours. Rather than using celebrities with the number of followers, individuals can market through increasing the number of people having small but engaged followers.

Festivals to Audiences at Home

Nowadays, festivals are a foremost business in the entertainment. Furthermore, festivals are getting expensive in order to put on experiential experiences get more composite. Fortunately, brands are ready to get access to an extremely engrossing audience. Plus, they are looking to prolong their reach to fans at home. Both the audiences and festivals get benefit from the investment.

Security Takes Centre Stage

In past few years, the world continues to heal from a major act of ferocity at entertainment locations. In order to grow, it is crucial to follow the latest entertainment trends. These days, live events are increasing to engross the fan base, so there is a need to learn to access susceptibilities in new ways.

Bottom Lines

Todays, audience experience has become the driving force in worldwide entertainment and media, David Borshell emphasis. Hence, the entertainment industries adroit in developing, activating, and monetizing fans, will arise as entertainment businesses leader.

David Borshell

David Borshell is an accomplished Senior Executive and Entrepreneur with more than 30 years of success in the media and entertainment industries. David has guided companies through formation, growth, industry-changing technology innovations, market disruptions, financial difficulties, and domestic and international expansions.