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Drug Crime

Rise in Drug Crime and its Treatment Under Law

Different drugs have been used over the last twenty years. Therefore, there have been several modifications in our criminal justice system to punish the various culprits. There has been lots of increase in the courts and prisons in every nook and corner of the country to check the widespread use of wrong substances containing drugs and various people involved in the vicious circle of drugs trade who are punished by the justice system says Attorney Miya Griggs.

Several workshops have been conducted to make people aware of the dangerous consequences of drugs and forcing people to go to dead diction centres in order to get rid of this habit. Motivational speeches and practical approach to problem solving and used to treat wide range of conditions including addiction are discussed in these workshops.

Attorney Miya Griggs

After criminals are released, they often reoffend and special correctional treatment is given to these persons to help them mentally and abstain them from indulging in drugs says Attorney Miya Griggs.

Administration of methadone for a longer period is advised to get rid of the drugs taking habit in the correctional substance abuse programs conducted in most of the countries. The prisoners are taught to learn how to give up the habit of drugs when they are confined to the jail and continue to avail these services when they are released. These re-entry programs are instrumental for the people when they are imprisoned and stop them from behaving like criminals by shunning use of drugs. The government of America has allowed the prisoners to avail the services of workshops conducted in the jails against the use of drugs besides medical services.

The addicted people are often threatened to receive the treatment or put behind the bars as per the criminal justice system. This way, the addicts will not commit the mistake of taking drugs again. It has been proved by the Australian and USA authorities that there is a remarkable improvement in the behavior of addicts after going through drug treatment. The prisoners could not give up the habit of taking drugs as there are so many fellow prisoners who are drug addicts and indulge in drug-related crime over and again and force others to carry on taking drugs says Attorney Miya Griggs. Therefore, the use of drug treatment is a better option for such people to overcome the use of drugs.

There are different methods of threatening a person who is legal to send them to a rehabilitation center. The diversion program in the criminal justice system is a form of punishment by virtue of which the offender is treated forcibly to give up drugs, which is the best method of legal coercion. The addicts are sent to treatment camps instead of putting them in jail. The person who is convicted due to over-dependence on drugs is often sent to the rehabilitation center instead of prison. These culprits are given the option of reducing their sentences on the successful completion of a treatment program.

Attorney Miya Griggs

Attorney Miya Griggs from Atlanta, GA is a business professional with over 10 years’ worth of experience in complex litigation and project management.