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5 Reasons Why You Have Dry and Damaged Hair

Everyone experiences dry hair at some point in their hair journey and it’s never a good experience. We all can talk about our ultimate hair goal as long as we want but we must agree that dull and dry hair is never a good thing no matter what texture, and type your hair is. Hair damage occurs when the protective outer layer of the hair is destroyed by harsh chemicals leaving the cuticles damaged. This causes the hair to look dry and very prone to breakage which can completely damage the hair.

The hair is also dry because of lack of moisture, constant heat styling, vitamin deficiency, improper care, or medical conditions. Aggressive brushing, sun damage, chemical treatment, and using the wrong products can also make the hair look dull, frizzy, and increase shedding. Therefore, it is important to not only take good care of your hair but also do it the right way. Your hair is your crown and it shows your style and personality hence, it needs immediate attention and worth addressing when looking dry. You can also check out the 1 Gravity reviews to see how they have helped their client achieve good and damage-free hair. With that said, here are the reasons you have dry and damaged hair. 

Using the wrong hair product 

All hair products are made with different formulations and some formulations might be dangerous to your hair. Products that are formulated with sulfate do not only wash out oil and dirt buildup in the hair, but also removes natural oils needed by the hair to stay moisturized,  and healthy. Therefore, it is important to use a product that only works for your hair and make sure it is sulphate free. 

Vitamin deficiency 

Deficiency in vitamins, iron, biotin, and others can lead to hair dryness. If you only consume carbohydrates and sugar, your body will not have adequate nutrients to grow and maintain healthy hair. Poor diet does not only make the hair dry, it makes it brittle, prone to damage, and increases shedding.Hence, it is essential to always eat food rich in carotene, zinc, vitamin A, C, E, and others to keep your hair healthy and dry free. 

Harsh chemicals treatment 

Chemicals used in the formulation of hair dyes, bleached and other hair treatments are often harsh to the hair and can cause hair damage. They strip off the hair natural oil which is used to maintain hydration and keep the hair healthy. Chemical treatments can destroy the outer layer of the hair, penetrate into the middle layer and destroy the strength, texture, and color of the hair leaving it irreversibly damaged. That is why you need a professional like 1 Gravity for any hair treatment or for reviving your damaged hair if damaged. You can read the 1 Gravity reviews to see how they make it happen. 

Constant heat styling

Applying too much heat to your hair is one of the major causes of hair dryness and damage. Heat styling includes the use of straighteners, hairdryers, flat iron, hair curlers and other heat styling equipment on your hair. Heat styling removes the hair’s natural moisture leaving it dry and brittle. If you want to use heat on your hair, make sure you prep it with a heat protectant before styling it. 

Medical conditions

Dry hair might also be a result of an underlying medical condition. An eating disorder can lead to malnutrition which makes the hair dry and brittle. Hyperparathyroidism and hypothyroidism reduce the production of thyroid and parathyroid hormone in the body. This decreases the level of calcium in the blood leading to hair dryness. Hormonal imbalance when using birth control pills, during pregnancy and menopause also have an adverse effect on the hair. Menkes syndrome, a rare condition in which the body does not absorb adequate copper can also lead to hair damage. 

1Gravity Reviews

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