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Dubai Desert Safari
By HAZEL RYAN 3,850 views

Dubai Desert Safari – An Experience Of A Lifetime

With COVID-19 vaccination now available in major parts of the world, things are looking rather positive. Particularly for those who have been missing their dose of traveling and adventures. They can now get back to their routine of packing their bags and embarking on different journeys. Having said that, it’s important to note that some countries still have their borders closed and are not allowing tourists. And the ones that are allowing to require tourists to quarantine for a few days before starting their adventures.

Now, when we talk about adventure-filled activities, nothing can beat the excitement of the Dubai Desert Safari. One of the most popular tourist activities, it attracts people from every part of the world.

Let’s take a look at some features that make it one of the best tourist activities not only in Dubai but the entire world:


Action-Packed Activities

A prime factor that sets it apart from other tourist places and attractions in Dubai is that it entails numerous action-packed activities. The ones that people do not get to enjoy in their routine lives. Simply imagine riding on the back of the camel and exploring the area around or riding an ATV bike on the sand dunes. These imaginations will turn into reality on a desert safari trip. There are dune bashing and sandboarding activities included in the safari as well.

Some trip organizers, in order to make the trip even more happening for guests, add extra activities as well.


A Perfect Family Getaway

Dubai desert safari can prove to be a perfect family getaway. It has everything for everyone. When you are booking your tickets for this safari, you can rest assured that no member of your family will get bored. Kids can enjoy the camel ride, and little girls can get henna designs painted, while adults can enjoy the thrilling activities it offers.


A Mouth-Watering Feast

What makes every trip extra special – Without any doubt, it’s food. And the same is the case with the desert safari trip. You would get to enjoy the best BBQ meal you have ever had on this safari. It is, basically, a three-course meal that consists of authentic Arab delicacies. If you do not prefer non-veg food items, you can request the same, and a veg meal will be arranged for you at the campsite. Having said that, it’s better that you communicate your preference while booking the safari so that there are no last-minute hassles.

Other than that, there’s an abundant water supply, and you can find beverages of your choice as well.


A Unique Camping Experience

Camping certainly offers an exciting experience. However, it comes with various sorts of challenges as well. Campers have to face difficulties when cooking food, gathering water, and keeping their belongings safe.

None of such issues will be prevalent if you are opting for an overnight camping stay. A lot of desert safari companies offer this deal in which guests can spend a night at the campsite. They are given sleeping bags/mattresses and blankets. Furthermore, the campsite has separate toilets for men and women. Simply put, it’s a comfortable camping experience with a lot of thrills and chills but no difficulties and challenges.


VIP Packages Available

It’s true that the campsite can get very crowded during the peak months. As different desert safari companies share the same campsite, there can be a lot of people at the same time. So, you may have to get in line to take part in various activities.

To save yourself from this hassle, you can get the VIP/elite package offered by many companies. This will make the entire experience VIP for you. Right from picking you up from the location of your choice to offering special services at the campsite, they will take care of everything. Of course, these packages are expensive, but the experience they offer makes them completely worth it.


Final Thoughts

In all, the Dubai desert safari is an experience that’s going to remain etched in your memories. How pleasant it turns out for you depends a lot on the trip company you have selected. So, make a point to choose the best company and enjoy the trip to the maximum. 

Hazel Ryan

Writer, Traveler, Blogger, Love to write & share my experiences

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