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scaffolding manufacturer kolkata
By MOHIT TAWDE 1,652 views

Temporary work system with Durable Scaffolding Materials Manufacturers in Kolkata

Scaffolding, popularly known as staging in the construction field, is a temporary structure to support the permanent structure during construction as well as to support the platform used by workmen to carry construction work or to keep the material at height.

Importance of Structural Stability and Durability of Scaffolding

As scaffolding supports a permanent structure under construction, it is equally important to design the stability of scaffolding as we design the permanent structure. Most of the accidents major or minor or failure of permanent structure just after casting at a construction site are related to the collapse of scaffolding. Also, it supports the structure at a very height so the scaffolding system must have excellent flexural rigidity. Cup-locks system of staging is considered as one most stable scaffolding system these days.

While constructing any structure, the economy is the prime concern after the stability of permanent structures as it is obvious that any company that builds the structures should also have some profit. It leads to the repetition of scaffolding components for optimum utilization of materials, and repetition is not merely for economical construction, but it also preserves our national resources as scaffolding materials are mainly made by wood or iron.

Scaffolding materials in Kolkata

Mainly iron and wood are used as scaffolding materials. Wood has limited use, and due to less number of repetition, it is primarily used in small scale construction. However, iron as a scaffolding material gives a stable as well as a durable scaffolding system. To get maximum repetition materials of scaffolding should be durable and it must be ensured as per IS 4014. Available Scaffolding materials in Kolkata are of excellent flexural rigidity as well as durable.

Leading Scaffolding Materials manufacturer in Kolkata

As the city was once capital of India and business capital of East India Company, this city witnessed a lot of milestone in the construction industry since two centuries back. Kolkata is now the hub for scaffolding market in all eastern region of India. Here are some of the leading and trusted scaffolding manufacturers in Kolkata.

 Scaffolding– The Company is situated in the heart of the construction business industry of the city. It is one the most trusted scaffolding manufacturers and suppliers in Kolkata specialized in manufacturing of cup-locks scaffolding system’s components. Due to their high-quality scaffolding materials and the services provided to their clients, the company is well renowned not only among MNCs but in government organizations too.

 Scaffolding Industries- one of the fastest growing scaffolding manufacturers in the city, specialized in manufacturing and supplying in different types of pipe fitting as well as scaffolding components.

 SCAFFOLDING Private Limited– Newly established company but picked up the market very quickly and is a consistent performer there. It manufactures and supplies one of the best quality scaffolding materials in Kolkata.

 SCAFFOLDING Products Private Limited- came in the field of scaffolding manufacturing recently and it deals in various types of steel pipes as well as cup-locks scaffolding systems.

SCAFFOLDING MANUFACTURER Private Limited- one of the biggest manufacturer and supplier of roofing system components like roof sheeting, purlin, etc. turbo ventilator, safety barrier as well as construction shuttering and scaffolding.

 SCAFFOLDING MANUFACTURER PRIVATE LTD– Having one lakh square feet state of the art facility, this company is one of the major in east India. It deals with different types of scaffolding systems as well as roofing systems and steel pipes. It offers a wide range of scaffolding components like Board retaining coupler, telescopic steel props, spigot pin, scaffolding pipes, etc.

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