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Live Concert
By DWAYNE CROSS 2,642 views

Things To Avoid During Live Concerts

Everybody knows what things to consider a lead your career, but very few people know what thing you must avoid to build your career. If you have recently started your music career and for the first time you are going to perform in a live concert, make sure you are well prepared. If you know what things you must consider during a live concert, it is great. However, if you don’t know what things you must not do to ruin your concert, here are a few tips for you from Dwayne Cross.

Make sure you tune your guitar before the show

A man is setting tune of guitar

If you are planning to play guitar on the stage while performing, make sure you do not spend the first few minutes in tuning your guitar. It may not project your good image in front of the crowd as they may feel like you are unprepared. To avoid such embarrassment, ensure practice tuning regularly in order to get it sounding right fast. Also, make sure you get enough time in backstage to prepare yourself and your instrument before going live on the stage.

Avoid any Argument with the venue staff 


Things don’t always go as we think. Sometimes things go even worse, for instance, the show might start later from the scheduled time, or the sound engineer might not get your levels right. However, it doesn’t mean you go on stage and vent your frustration over these issues. Even worse, start arguing with staff during your show time.

Remember, when you are on stage, your job is to entertain the crowd and have fun. So act like a professional and deliver your best performance – whatever the circumstances.

Talk less and focus on performance


You may have noticed most artists start telling the audience about their next show, or from where the audience can buy their Merch in between the concert. According to experts, this is something annoying, and an artist should avoid talking this much between each song. Possibly it will make everything boring and breaks up your show.

So, it is advisable to keep short your promo across your concert, but keep it entertaining. In addition, make sure you share about things in intros while keeping the music on, at the end of songs. In this way, you can easily convey your message without killing the vibe.

Don’t criticize other musicians


Most times, artists performing on stage criticize, mock, or laugh at another artist, which is not at all good for your reputation and career. Therefore, whenever you go for a solo performance at somewhere outside your city, make sure you treat the local musicians there with respect. In this industry, it is common to see various bands who just bash each other for no good reason. So, make sure you don’t do that, just focus on your performance and enjoy the music.

Final Thoughts

So, these are a few important things you need to avoid while performing live on the stage. If you want to become a successful artist, keep learning from people, things, and circumstances. Dwayne Cross says, if you want to steal the heart of your audience with your performance, make sure you follow these useful tips.

Dwayne Cross

Dwayne Cross has a colourful background that has seen him tour most of the globe. This is particularly interesting that now he organizes tours for others. His background goes all the way to the streets of Chicago where Dwayne learned his first “trade”…basketball. After moving to California, Dwayne took his basketball skills and earned a scholarship to university at United States International University San Diego (USIU). Upon graduating Dwayne played professionally in Turkey in Europe for the European Cup, and South America (Argentina) and Australia. He also had an exciting one and a half years as a Harlem Globetrotter.

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