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Create an Amazing eCommerce Website that helps to attract the Customers
By GROWTHWALT 2,124 views

How to Make E-Commerce Website Easy-to-use and User-Friendly

eCommerce, this word is not sound too exciting today, but the use of it is in every corner of the world. eCommerce refers to the activity of buying or selling of goods and services over an electronic medium like the Internet. Basically, it includes electronically moving of information or assets between different gatherings, production network the executive framework, Internet advertising, stock administration frameworks, and mechanized information assortment frameworks and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for moving of reports.

Modern electronic commerce uses the World Wide Web to make the system work. Typical e-commerce transactions include the purchase of online products, streaming videos, online food ordering, and downloading of music. E-commerce is classified mainly into three categories: online auctions, mobile commerce, and electric markets.

Ecommerce development is considered the best way to increase sales by 30%. For developing an innovative and feature-rich eCommerce for the users to buy products and services online. Online users visit many eCommerce websites to acquire details before purchasing any goods or services. So, for the development of a feature-rich and easy-to-use eCommerce website, the web and mobile app developers should provide every detail of the products like price, name, reviews & rating, etc., to make a quick decision.

For building an effective user-friendly website, eCommerce website developers should build proper strategy as stated below:

There are not many things your users need from you before they will give you their well-deserved money or their trust. A portion of these steps are tangible and some are intangible.

  • Branding

Your customers want the website to be clearly different from other sites that must contain a pleasing brand name with the logo of the company and shall contain distinguished colors in various ways that are instantly recognizable and appealing.

  • Optimization of Website

Ideal optimization is an important ingredient for making an eCommerce website user-friendly. The loading speed of the eCommerce website should be fast through proper optimization to get the details of the products as required by the customer.

  • Receptive Designing

Mobile uses in this modern generation are quite common. Every third person right next to you uses mobile apps to get many things done. People do shopping, order food, transfer money, etc., through their smartphones and it is increasing constantly. For the development of a responsive and user-friendly eCommerce website, you should also consider mobile devices to increase sales. As 70% of traffic comes from mobile apps. designing mobile is considered to be the most compatible electronic device. So keep the mobile app in mind while building a website as build a highly optimized app for mobile devices with receptive designing aspects. This will bring you to the new height of success with a perfect user experience, no matter what device your users are using.

  • Strong Authentication

The eCommerce websites should have incorporated the SSL for a strong security system. The customers make online transactions with a belief that their personal data are safe and secure during purchase. Thus, once customers who visit your eCommerce website start to trust your services, gradually they will undoubtedly provide their personal information to you.

  • Offers and Free Shipping

There are numerous shoppers who are simply intrigued by offers and free delivery. Along these lines, for compelling easy to use eCommerce website should contain appealing proposals with free transportation of the items.

  • Easy Sign Up and Easy login

An effective eCommerce website should incorporate a simple sign-up form so that customers may fill it with ease and instantly to avoid abandonment of customers with the confusing sign-up process. Sign up or registration icon for a new user should be located at a suitable place on the website so that the user can access it easily.

  • Auto-Completion Feature

For making an eCommerce website user-friendly, the auto-completion feature is very useful as by just typing the first few words, the auto-completion feature will complete the sentence for you or recommend various search queries that may appropriate for what you are looking for.

  • E-Commerce Payment Methods

An eCommerce website must include various payment methods to enable the customers for making a payment with ease, safe and in a secure way. The payment options may be credit/Debit/Prepaid card payments, Bank Transfers, E-wallets, Cash, Cryptocurrencies, and direct payment.

In Short

Apart from impressive design and basic features, an eCommerce website should be equipped with predictive search, advanced filters, specific product details, secure & various payment gateway, and product shipping tracking as most of the shoppers consider these features in any eCommerce website or mobile applications to make their shopping experience better. All these tips are quite enough to run your online shopping website flawlessly. If you want to build an eCommerce website with advanced features then you can hire web development in India or hire a web developer who provides the best website development services. You can also hire a mobile app development company in India in case if you want to build a mobile app for the same.


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