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By ANKIT KUMAR 3,707 views

15 Best ways to Earn Money Online for Students

Student life is a very important phase of our life. Studies are considered a vital element in this phase of our life, but in the current scenario, as our economy is growing, this causes a rise in the living standard of people. As expenditure increases so why do students’ lives remain unaffected due to this?

Right now the norms of our society have changed, students don’t want to depend on their parents for their extra expenses. But in a rush to become independent in some sense, they may be distracted or become disguised and not find Lucrative jobs which give better results for their labor hours. You can also hire paper writing services to write your coursework with best experts.

So here is an article that will guide you in a better way

Is Working for Students Acceptable Thought or Not?

I think this, not a bad idea to initiate, and for those whose parents do not agree with this so I must say to them to make it understandable to their parents that in India most of the things are most probably are western culture based whether it is clothing or it is food, but the thing we should adopt from them is neglected by us that is not to take over the burden of their children’s higher studies expenses as this could make them realize about the worth of money and how to spend it.

I think we can modify this at our convenience that is – In INDIA 18 is considered to be the age of being adult so we students want our personal vehicle, phone, etc as we become adults so hence we must have to maintain the continuity of these articles by our own, whether it is a balance of phone or it is fuel or taxi expenses or our shopping. And all this is done by doing part-time online jobs. As it will save your timing of transportation.

What Are the Benefits for Students of Earn Money Online?

  • This will enhance the experience and skills along with earnings.
  • This online availability of jobs will be lucrative because such work can be done anywhere at any time.
  • You will become a manageable and independent person as this will also reduce some burden on your parents.
  • You will gain experience in how to manage cash and also you will become futuristic as well as saving-oriented.
  • After doing one job your confidence will build up.
  • Through this, you get an opportunity to explore the world.

What Points You Should Consider Before Joining a Work?

See I am again saying that in a rush to become independent, most students are becoming fooled by some websites or get low wages against
their working hours. So here are some points mentioned below which you can consider during finding work –

  • If the job is exceptionally good and offers a salary more than the job role. So in such cases, active search doesn’t get trapped.
  • If you are to pay first means investment is required so avoid them.
  • If the employer is too curious about you to hire, avoid it.
  • If no proper adequate info about the company is available so avoid it.

Here Are the 15 Best ways to Earn Money Online for Students

Content Writer

If you have extra skills to write and you are social media person so this job can be a good one for you. Ankit Bhatia is a traveling content creator so just like him you can utilize your skill of creating content and scrolling on the internet, this will give you the result of being a good content creator.

Social Media Manager

This job is also a good one. You have seen the advertisements, and landscapes during your scrolling on social media so the person who handles this is the social media manager. A student may generally spend his time surfing the internet and gaining nothing. But as a social media manager, he/she can earn a good amount of money by doing the same.

Sell Your Products Online

If you have some creative skills, you can earn part-time by opening your small start-up. Like if you are painting well so can start selling your painting on social media.

Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer is just like a boom in the current scenario in India if you have good skills in editing and photoshop so you can earn money online using these skills.

Start Your Youtube Channel

This can be a good one but it can take time too. But if you have good communication skills so it can work.

Sell Insurance

For those who are studying in such a kind of stream like commerce or specifically in marketing stream so this offer of work proves to be a milestone in enhancing your convincing skills and treating different behavior. As here you need to sell insurance and before joining there should be training by IRDA of 15 hrs to train a candidate. This provides experience along with a stipend.

Online Market Trading

Not an easy one without proper guidelines following but will be most lucrative if you learn to deal with it properly.Some websites like Upstocks, Zerodha, and Backoffice. etc. You can also take interest in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

Start An Online Blogging

Students can better understand the power of blogging in the current social media phase and blogging can generate money through these given sites – WordPress, Weebly, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.

Publish a Kindle Ebook

You can even publish your book and in fact, kindle has given you this opportunity. Your one-time skills investment can give good results in the future.

Online Teaching

This is the best-earning occupation for students as this will increase your knowledge and even if you are a student so you can better understand the problems which students face during studies. So your demand as compared to other teachers is more.

Sell Course Notes

If you are comfortable sharing your notes with others so you can visit -Nexus Notes and Stuvia.

Search Engine-baed Jobs

Since all students have smartphones and laptops so they can easily earn money online by this method. As normally students are wasting their time scrolling online so this habit can be used in a better manner.

Beta Testing Apps and Websites

When a company or apps developer creates a new app so they hire people to access the app and tell them about the bugs or problems this is called BETA TESTING. Examples are – beta testing, tester work, test.io, and TRY MYUI.

Online Paid Surveys

If you have good analytical behavior so this one is for you.

Sell Pictures Online

If you have a good command of photography so you can use your created library in earning money.

How to Maintain an equilibrium Between Studies and Work

Work is important for being independent but it is necessary to not get your studies impacted by it otherwise the motive(studies) for which you are earning remains unachieved. So try to make a timetable and try to follow it with full dedication.

Ankit Kumar

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