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Parag Fatehpuria - educational leadership

Do You Know What Educational Leadership is?

Educational leadership is a process to team up the talents and forces of teachers, students, and parents. The aim of educational leadership is to develop the quality of education and the education system itself. Let’s explore more about educational leadership and its importance with Parag Fatehpuria.

What is the Purpose of Educational Leadership?

Parag Fatehpuria - Educational Leadership

The topmost priority of educational leadership is to make sure academic success through the procedure, and training developments. This is basically achieved through collaboration with different persons, including educators, students, parents, public policy makers, and the community. If you consider a business perspective, educational leadership is a procedure of academic management and quality control.

What are the Major Qualities of Educational Leadership?

Parag Fatehpuria - Qualities in Leader

Educational leadership is based on definite key principles. First, educational leadership develops a vision of academic success for all learners. Leaders consider it essential because we have always seen a historical gap between students on diverse socio-economical levels and high and low achieving pupils. Second, educational leadership attempts to build a safe and receptive learning environment. In other words, a healthy school environment is a key to providing comfortable, organized and well-maintained classrooms. Third, educational leadership gives responsibility to others. It shows that educators, parents and even pupils have the authority to take responsibility and accept accountability. Fourth, instructional approaches and prospectus content need to be continually improved. Fifth, the field of education must adapt and apply modern management tools, procedures, and techniques.

How Do Educators Contribute to Educational Leadership?

Parag Fatehpuria - Educators

As per the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), educators are the basis of educational leadership. They not only manage pupils but also perform as leaders among their colleagues. In other words, teachers are a source that provides students and other professors online and community resources. They offer valuable classroom management and education strategies to other lecturers. They also deliver educational influential constructive feedback for curriculum improvements.

How One Can Become an Educational Leader?

Parag Fatehpuria - Educational Leader

Each academic level consists of educational leadership career opportunities. For instance, this contains private playgroup directors, principals of public schools and campus deans. Those who are interested in pursuing their career as an educational leader must have on-hands teaching experience and a degree in bachelors. A master’s degree in educational leadership is accessible as a Master of Arts, Master of Education, and Master of Science. Coursework will contain courses that cover finance, law, strategic planning, and professional development.

All About Educational Leader Profile

Parag Fatahpuria - Education leader profile

Post-secondary education superintendents work in a variety of higher education facilities, for instance, public colleges, trade schools, and public universities. Their allocated duties and responsibilities are according to the department that they work in. For instance, admissions supervisors are tasked with evaluating the number of openings at the school and creating promotional ads that they publish online and in other places. They assess applications, interview capable candidates and help selected students through the application process. On the other hand, student affairs managers look out extracurricular courses and services. They also offer useful academic counseling to students.

Final Words

So, this is all about educational leadership and its importance. If you find topics related to education, and entrepreneurship interesting, you can follow the mentor and leader Parag Fatehpuria to learn more about education, and leadership.

Parag Fatehpuria

I’m Parag Fatehpuria. I’m a Mentor living in Ahmedabad, India. I am a fan of travel, reading, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in education and basketball. Apart from it, I have been associated with many other social services.