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The first months of interaction with the newborn can compare to playing with educational toys at a gate – it requires attention and care without giving anything in return. In the year of the snip lump, the crumb becomes a booty with tastes, inclinations, and an inexhaustible supply of curiosity. The development of toys for children from 1 year commands their intense energy in a peaceful channel.

What toys do children play with at one year?

A one-year-old child with a staple diet begins to explore the world around them, trying to touch and try everything he can reach. She was carried away by moving from place to place to put things, pouring sand, pouring water, and actively mimicking adults: combing, talking on the phone, etc. Developing toys from 1 year stimulates the baby’s sensory abilities, coordination of movements, and stability:

  • Inlaid frames;
  • Pyramids;
  • Sorters;
  • Finger labyrinths;
  • Nesting dolls;
  • Laces;
  • Large puzzles;
  • Cubes;
  • Ball;
  • Toy fruits, vegetables, and animal figurines;
  • Musical toys;
  • Sand and bathing set.

The best educational toys of the year

At age 1, the baby learns to walk. It opens up many opportunities for him: you can get to previously inaccessible places and reach everything hidden from him higher. But the coordination of movements is still not smooth and walks indefinitely, often falling on a flat surface. The best developing toys for children from the year – wheelchairs and pushers help distract from the process of walking, making it more automatic. The main requirement for this is the stability and service of all details.

Developmental games for boys from 1 year old

Choosing a gift for a one-year-old boy, it is worth paying attention to educational toys for children from each year:

  1. Cars-sorters. Even in early childhood, future boys tend to preserve warm feelings for all vehicles. The sorter-machine will appeal to any kara usu because it can add parts of different shapes and roll.
  2. Set of balls. There is nothing better than running around on the street! If you combine this with the first skills of playing ball, then the benefit of such a walk will increase a hundred times. The development of toys for children from 1 year can not be indicated without one or several balls, with color differences (pattern) or size.
  3. Velobeg, or the fugitive. At one year of age, the child has not yet mastered riding an ordinary bicycle. But transportation without pedals, which you can ride, pushing from the ground with your feet, is mastered without much effort.

Educational games for girls from 1 year old

The mothers of little princesses are waiting for the time when together with the girls you can play real girl games. And after a year, this time has come! Developing toys for girls from the year:

  1. Interactive buttons – The baby, with pleasure, rolls his “son” in a wheelchair, feed him from the nipple, turns on the handles, and still drops him into the potty. By playing the puppet, the girl will develop motor skills of the hands and take the first steps to master the bathroom and other useful skills.
  2. Nested dolls – Talented painted wooden toys are the best educational toys for children from 1 year. After all, children get the first idea of the sizes, shapes, and colors in communication with them.
  3. A set of crockery and a children’s kitchen – Children at one year of age are actively beginning to imitate adults: they try to cook from the sand and play with tea. A bright set of dishes and a kitchen set of high-quality plastic will help with this.

Games that improve motor skills from 1 year

In the baby’s palm, there are many points connected directly to his brain. Therefore at an early age, it is very important to develop handling and fine motor skills. To facilitate this task, it is useful to purchase educational toys aimed at motor skills each year:

  • Balls-hedgehogs. Small pimples cover balls of different sizes that not only allow to play a thousand and one moving game but gently massage the palms of the crumbs with each touch.
  • Toys in which a traditional lace is required to connect some part of the wood (cardboard). At first, the baby will not find it easy to do this, but eventually, he will learn how to deal with lacing with cheers.
  • Composing books and stands. A 1-year-old child as a magnet got into things he was forbidden to touch: locks, zippers, and door handles. Let homemade toys help build a safe way: fictional books are sewn from different fabrics with buttons and fasteners and standing on bolts and latches hidden in them.

Montessori Toys

The Maria Montessori method is aimed at the versatile development of the baby from the earliest days. Help with specially designed Montessori educational toys for kids and their drawing ideas each year: sorter, inlay frames, and lacing. But raising a child this way is real and without any special injection of money. You can use cereal (buckwheat, mango, rice), empty bottles, and boxes for classes. For example, you can sprinkle a thin layer of semolina on a tray and then show the crumbs how to draw handles on it.

Interactive educational toys from the year

Educational toys for children from 1 year will be interesting and useful. Regardless of the form and the manufacturer, they are arranged according to the same principle – in response to pressing a button. The toy reacts with a fun melody and a flashing of colored lights. Especially popular are interactive toy phones, which can easily place in children’s pens—developed with age-specific features. The development of interactive toys for children from 1 year gives the first idea of letters and numbers, sounds made by different animals and vehicles.

Development of children’s coloring toys

Comprehensively developing basic baby skills and permanent liberation in the mother’s hands will help in the development of the center for children from year to year – a toy in which many “developers” are collected simultaneously. The structure of such a complex includes a sorter (standard or musical). This interactive component responds to the pressing of buttons and is a reinforced component used as a crutch while walking or standing. All parts of the building complex are arranged to find an interesting job in any body position.

How to act with a child in 1 year?

None, even the most expensive and high-quality educational toys for children from 1 year, will not be useful if children mess with themselves without the participation of adults. Only a kind communication and keen attention to inclinations will provide the basis for smooth all-around development. Provide an approximate list of what a child should play (1 year):

  1. The ball. It doesn’t matter what the child does with the ball – roll on the floor beat on one leg, or carry your mother in your arms.
  2. Nested dolls. For a little man, the matryoshka hidden in each other looks like a real miracle. And their colorful outfits will attract the baby’s attention for a long time.
  3. Cubes and constructors. A one-year-old child cannot develop a complex structure. But a small castle from the stacked cubes to build it is capable.
  4. Moving things. At this age, all children are happy not only to throw but also to move things. Developing a toy for children from 1 year is easy to do yourself. For example, give the child a pack of kitchen sponges and an unbreakable saucepan, and he will spend some time folding his lips and then throwing them away.
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