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There is nothing that compares to Egyptian cotton bedding when it comes to luxurious bed sheets. Some call it the perfect combination of comfort and extravagance that you can find in your bedding

If you are wary of spending a bomb on new Egyptian Bed Sheets, then these reasons will convince you why it is well worth your money!

No Lint or Piling

Low quality bed sheets with lower thread count often create small unsightly blobs of fabric that are incredibly uncomfortable. However, you will never have to face that issue with Egyptian cotton sheets that are made from premium quality fiber and higher thread count.

High Quality

The Egyptian cotton sheets are made from high thread count that is an indicator of durability and quality. Thread count is often defined as at the number of threads that are woven together in a square inch to make your sheet. High thread count also indicates the length of staples that gives the fabric and softness and longevity.

Long Staple Fibers

Made from long staples, Egyptian cotton bed sheets have stronger threads that are not only more durable but also very comfortable. It is indicative of fine quality yarn that looks lustrous and feels amazingly soft against your skin, unlike regular cotton that becomes abrasive with years of use.


If you are someone who suffers from hot flashes at night or has trouble sleeping when it gets hot will relish the breathable quality of this bed sheet. Egyptian cotton is woven in such a way that the air is able to flow through the sheets, keeping it cool in hot weather and through the night. You can also look for wicking sheets if you are prone to night sweats. However, for the sheet to work well, you must remember to combine it with an equally high-quality mattress for it to work well. A good night’s sleep is an investment in your health so be sure to get a memory foam top layer made from a cool gel that will give you just the right temperature to sleep like a child at night.


People often feel discouraged to buy Egyptian cotton sheets due to the cost involved. However, they literally for themselves over the years by being durable. The tightly woven fibers create sheets that are built to last. However, if you really want them to remain durable, then you must maintain them properly. Make sure you wash your sheets every week to remove the dust and dirt. Not washing them regularly will make your sheets wear faster.


Egyptian cotton sheets are expensive because they offer you the quality and the durability. However, they do last you a long time, making them a sound investment.

If you have never had the experience of sleeping on the super-comfortable Egyptian cotton bedding, then you must consider buying one for your bedroom. Just care for them properly and enjoy years of comfortable sleeping.

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