These days, many homeowners are looking to improve their properties through the addition of hydronic or electric slab heating, especially because our winters are growing incredibly cold. Having your home warmed from the floor up is a very productive way of ensuring that your family is kept toasty all winter long; they can even walk around in bare feet without fear of catching a chill. These are the most popular forms of underfloor heating and are able to efficiently provide your home with the warmth it craves.

If you are tossing up between hydronic and electric slab heating for your home, you may find this article highly useful in making a decision – but make sure you remember that what works in one home or for one family may not work for another! Make sure that you assess the requirements of your home in regard to heating before making a decision, otherwise, you might find yourself making a costly mistake that you have to live with.

Electric Slab Heating

This method of heating involves coils or mats being laid beneath the floor; when the system is turned on, electricity will run through these coils or mats, causing them to heat up. The warmth will transfer up into the room beyond, spreading evenly between the floor and ceiling.

• It is the least difficult to have installed in an existing home, as the entire floor does not need to be removed to get the coils or mats in.

• It is relatively straightforward to have installed; after the coils or mats are laid, they just need to be connected to your electricity supply.

• It is actually must faster to reach your desired temperature using this system, ensuring that your home is warm soon after arriving.


This method of hydronic heating involves pipes being laid beneath the floor; these are connected to a boiler that heats water to your desired temperature and passes it through the system. The warmth is able to transfer up into the room beyond, whilst the water returns to the boiler.

• It is much more energy-efficient than electric slab heating, meaning that you can save money on your heating.

• As it’s more efficient to run, it is also the more environmentally friendly choice – making it the ideal option for those looking to reduce their emissions.

• It is able to keep your floors relatively warm for a small period after the system has been turned off.

• It’s the perfect option for new-builds and substantial renovations, offering a truly high-end finish.

If you are trying to choose between hydronic and electric slab heating for your home, it is important that you understand the benefits that each option offers. We suggest talking with an experienced team prior to making any commitments – however, many believe that the economic and environmental advantages of hydronic heating outway the convenience of the electric option. By thinking about the long-term implications of your under floor heating, you can be confident you will enjoy toasty warmth for many years to come!

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