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Deforestation and the rising percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are the primary concerns in recent times. It is estimated that 2% of greenhouse gases are caused due to the increasing number of paper consumption in the creation and disposal of printer paper.

Although it is believed that usage of ipads, smartphones, laptops and other digital devices have reduced the wastage of paper. But the real picture is completely different. It is noticed that in the past ten years, paper consumption has continuously risen. This leads to about 25% of paper products accumulate in landfills.

So, how can we save our planet and nature from more pollution?

Truth be told, we cannot eliminate carbon footprints completely. We can definitely reduce carbon footprints to a great extent with document scanning and imaging services. Let us check out some interesting points on how Document Digitization Services can help us achieve a safer world and a cleaner environment.

1) Conservation of Resources

  • Decrease Paper Wastage: About 50% of papers printed in an organization goes useless. This is due to substantial errors or just printing a paper with a few words or a single sentence. Scanning services reduce wastage of paper by imaging the document in an accurate form and storing them in digital files.
  • Lessen Ink Usage: Printer inks are extremely toxic in nature. It is pretty difficult to remove the ink from a printed paper during the recycling process. Digitizing eliminates the use of toxic ink and eventually saves the environment from toxic recycled paper products.
  • Save Energy: Lowering the use of printer’s means lessening the amount of electricity usage. With our natural resources getting diminished every year, going paperless is a great way. This will conserve energy resources for the future.

2) Document Destruction

  • Efficient Recycled Option: Efficiently shredding and recycling documents after processing requires a secure and definite step process. Going paperless eliminates the shredding and recycling process of printed papers completely. It ensures a smaller heap on the landfill and reduced carbon dioxide content in the air.
  • No Hard Copies: Some documents require multiple backup copies. Keeping them in hard copy format uses a lot of paper. Most of the time these backup copies just go unnoticed. Also, over time it will end up in the shredding machine or garbage bin. Digital files can be copied into thousands of digital backup copies within some seconds. Reducing the number of carbon footprints substantially. It does not only make your records management more sustainable but also cheaper and more efficient.
  • Multiple Print Outs: Sharing information in a meeting, distributing marketing templates or circulating documents among staff, every event requires multiple amounts of print-outs. Scanning a single document and sharing its digital file not only saves a lot of money and energy. It also saves a good amount of paper from getting dumped in the hazardous junkyard.

So, want to team up with a reliable document scanning company to help your business go greener and paperless? If you wish to contribute your bit and join the movement to make this planet cleaner and help our future generations breathe in fresh air shoot an email today at [email protected]

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