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By GRACIE HART 2,842 views

Who is Nieku Manshadi?

Nieku Manshadi’s marriage to Elizabeth Lail has brought him into the public eye, though details about his professional life remain relatively undisclosed.


As a pediatric dentist at Safari Dental & Orthodontics, Nieku focuses on treating children. Since marrying the accomplished actress Elizabeth Lail, he has gained widespread attention. Certified by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Nieku also serves on the organization’s governing board. His expertise extends to providing oral sedatives for anxious patients and addressing the specific needs of children.

Beyond his clinic, Nieku is recognized for his contributions as a mobile doctor, offering his services to communities with limited medical resources worldwide, including Ecuador and the Philippines. His commitment to improving children’s oral health reflects his passion for making a positive impact.

Origins and Family

Born on March 27, 1982, Nieku Manshadi hails from the United States with Iranian ancestry. His parents, Farzin and Mojgan Manshadi, raised him alongside his sister, Leila Manshadi, who is a dentist. Nieku has close ties with his uncle Iraj Sanianee and cousins Kamron and Bijan. An avid explorer, he has traveled extensively, contributing to his diverse experiences.

The Nationality of Nieku Manshadi

Nieku Manshadi, Elizabeth Lail’s husband, is an American of Iranian descent, often mistaken for Indian by fans unfamiliar with his background.


Nieku pursued higher education, earning a Ph.D. in dental surgery from the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific. Subsequently, he completed a two-year residency program in pediatric dentistry at Boston University.

Participation in Social Media

While Elizabeth Lail, Nieku’s wife, is active on social media platforms, Nieku maintains a modest presence on Instagram with 601 followers. Despite his limited interaction, his profile features glimpses of his wedding and related events.

Nieku and Elizabeth Lail’s Private Wedding

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Nieku Manshadi and Elizabeth Lail opted for a private wedding, surprising many due to the couple’s low profile before the pandemic.

How They Met

Their relationship, initially kept discreet due to Nieku’s non-celebrity status, blossomed after meeting at a Williamsburg party. The couple decided to tie the knot during the pandemic, marking the beginning of their journey together.


Proposing with his grandmother’s ring, Nieku and Elizabeth celebrated their engagement with a memorable weekend in various locations. Their wedding took place on April 24, 2021, at the Hasbrouck House in Stone Ridge, New York, where they also celebrated their first anniversary.

Trivia About the Wife

Elizabeth Lail, Nieku Mashadi’s wife, gained fame through the Netflix series “YOU.” Her breakthrough in the public eye was aided by a Netflix suspense film, elevating her status in the entertainment industry.

Nieku Manshadi

Nieku Manshadi’s Net Worth

Reliable sources estimate Nieku Manshadi’s wealth to exceed $1.5 million, reflecting the financial success pediatric dentists can achieve compared to their general dentistry counterparts.


Nieku Manshadi, a pediatric dentist, holds a doctorate degree and is renowned for his marriage to actress Elizabeth Lail. Their relationship, which began unexpectedly at a party, led to a private wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic. Married in 2021, the couple now enjoys a blissful life together.

Gracie Hart

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