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Benefits Of Email Marketing On Your Sales Funnel
By DOUGLAS JAMES 1,792 views

Benefits of Email Marketing on your Sales Funnel

Over the years, the internet has become a great part of our everyday life. It is now one of the greatest ways to communicate with one another and also share information. The internet has transcended many channels used for this purpose and this has made many entrepreneurs and business owners use the power of the internet to grow and improve their businesses. Different types of internet marketing channels are now available today and it’s often difficult to know the one that will improve your business. While some entrepreneurs use social networks to develop their business, others depend on SEO for their website ranking.

Some business owners also use email marketing to communicate with their customers and also generate sales. Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages to current or prospective customers. It involves the process of sending business and sales requests, advertisements, and donations through email. Email marketing is a powerful tool for growing businesses that have limited marketing budgets. It helps to generate sales and expand their business. Research has shown that 99% of people in the world check their mail every day and they prefer getting updates from businesses through their email. This indicates that email marketing is an effective online marketing strategy and plays an important role in every business sales funnel.

Read on as Douglas James, an expert in marketing with enormous experience in digital marketing who has helped many entrepreneurs start and grow profitable businesses takes us through the benefits of email marketing on your sales funnel.

Sales Funnel

Creates brand awareness

Email marketing is used to introduce potential customers to the product and services a brand renders. It’s often brief, straightforward, and used to build customer loyalty. This is important as brands need to bring their target customers to their sales funnel. Email marketing also provides awareness to the needs of potential customers which may lure them to buy your products.

Boost customers interest

The provision of deeper knowledge about the product and services after the introductory mail increase customer’s interest in your product and services. This can be achieved by adding in-depth articles or links to the email.

Cheap and easily accessible

“Although billboard, television, and magazine marketing strategy are very effective. However, they often take a long process and are expensive, Douglas James explains. “Sending emails to your customers is very cheap and it’s a great way to save up some dollars. Another good thing id you do not need any manual process or spending hours creating content or writing programs,” he adds.

Increases customers relationship

As you continue to send personalized emails to your customers, they build their loyalty to your brand and trust your product. They constantly open the mail you send to them and get to know the product and services you offer. This will not only allow them to buy your product but also make their permanent customers. Studies have shown that email marketing also leads to customer retention.

Helps you reach more customers

Many people now read their email through their mobile phones but some still use their desktop or laptop. This enables you to reach a large range of customers no matter the medium they prefer to read their email.  It is also easy and convenient and they can access their email no matter where they are. This makes it cost-effective and a reliable way to reach out to your customers.

Builds customer’s loyalty

Email marketing is used to achieve repeat sales, and upsells. Email marketing is not only used to gain customers but also to retain them, increase sales, and build a loyal customer base. And your customer base will not increase if the ones you gain does not come back to purchase another product from your brand. It can also be used to build customer satisfaction after they purchase a product. This can be achieved by sending your customer a satisfactory email after each purchase and also asking for a review of the product.

To know more about the benefits of email marketing on your sales and the overall business growth, Douglas James is here to answer all your questions. Go through Douglas James’s marketing reviews to see how he has helped many entrepreneurs start and grow profitable businesses. Are you thinking Douglas James is a scam? Well, you can read Douglas James’s reviews to know other’s experiences with him.

Douglas James

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