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Shoppable Instagram
By JACK ROGER 1,117 views

Why Embed Shoppable Instagram Posts On Your eCommerce Website

Did you hear a lot about shoppable Instagram posts? Did you find many brands and businesses are embedding Shoppable Instagram posts on their website? Do you want the same but don’t know why you should do so? Here is the answer to all your questions.

Shoppable Instagram posts are leveraging huge sales to the brand from the last two years. 90% of online shoppers agree that Instagram influences their purchase decisions. This can be a powerful way to grow your business by utilizing Instagram posts on your website. 

Embedding Shoppable Instagram posts on websites offer benefits like audience engagement, build brand credibility, improve buyer’s journey, and enhance conversion rate, which we will discuss below with more facts. 

Setting up shoppable Instagram posts on your eCommerce website will allow your customers to buy them with just one click, easing the process of buying for the website visitors. 

Thus, to help you get out of the confusion of why you should embed Shoppable Instagram posts on your eCommerce website, we have attempted to disclose the significant benefits of embedding Shoppable Instagram posts on the eCommerce website so that you have better ideas and vision.

So let’s start with understanding, 

What Is a Shoppable Instagram Post?

A Shoppable Instagram post is similar to an ordinary Instagram post but with product tags. These product tags can be explored by the user’s interacting with the Instagram post to check the product description, details, and link to buy the product. 

Shoppable Instagram posts allow users to convert their inspirations into real by purchasing their desired product spontaneously. 

If you have an Instagram Business account and among those countries that Instagram provides an Instagram Shopping feature, you might already know what we are talking about here. 

Now, instead of Link in Bio, businesses can create their Instagram Shop where they add the catalog of their products so that their followers or potential audience can explore the product. Also, the other benefit of this Instagram Shopping feature is that it allows businesses to tag their product in the Instagram post they share with people. 

Reasons To Embed Shoppable Instagram On eCommerce Website.

Enhance Overall ROI

Shoppable Instagram posts increase the shoppability of the products on your eCommerce website. Shoppable Instagram posts offer relatable and valuable information to the website visitors with the real-life picture of the product and how customers are using your product. 

The cost of embedding Shoppable Instagram posts on a website is too low compared to other marketing tactics you apply to your website. But the results are sure and unmatchable that generate some good amounts of profits on your website. 

Benefits you will get after investing in some good social commerce tool to embed these Shoppable Instagram will cover up most of the marketing cost of tactics that you have applied on your website.  

Inspire Purchase Decision

70% of Instagram users say that Instagram inspires their purchase decision, embedding Instagram posts on your website will give your audience. 

Displaying Instagram user-generated content posts on your website will give your audience a better view of the product with real-life usage. 

People trust the content that is shared by other people rather than brand-created content. Displaying user-generated content increases the authenticity and trustworthiness of content on your website by inspiring you with the product that people can use in their life. 

Increase Audience Engagement

One of the major struggles that every eCommerce store or website faces is that people do not engage on their website for long. People drop from the homepage and never come back, which lowers the exposure of some amazing products. 

Shoppable Instagram increases audience engagement on the website by grabbing their attention and giving them a piece of content to explore more on your website. 

People love to interact with Instagram posts, and they already have a habit of exploring the Instagram feeds on their mobile screens or laptops. Shoppable Instagram posts can be engaging content for your website audience, and they like to explore more of this content than the product images.

Boost Conversion Rate

Considering all the above-mentioned benefits of Shoppable Instagram posts on your website, it will eventually turn out to enhance the buyer journeys on your website. 

Shoppable Instagram posts improve the user experience on the website by engaging them with vibrant and unique content that also inspires them with user-generated content for the new product. 

Shoppable Instagram posts give your audience an option to buy the product directly by clicking on the buy button without searching for the product on the website. 

This will cut the steps that audiences have to make to buy a product on the eCommerce website, thus improving the user’s experience and buying journey. This eventually leads to a boost in conversion rate. 

Wrapping Up!

These are some of the points that you can consider to embed Shoppable Instagram posts if you have an eCommerce website. This will benefit you in increasing user engagement, improving buyer’s journeys, and boosting your website’s conversion rate. 

Jack Roger

I’m Jack Roger, and I’m a technical writer. I am passionate about researching meaningful content and also putting it into words, such as innovation, technology, Social Commerce, and digital marketing trends