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By LIAM SMITH 930 views

Increase Employee Happiness and Productivity

It takes more than just a job done in time to be a successful businessman and a respectful boss. Of course, the purpose of your business is getting the job done and customers satisfied. The best interest of customers is the most important aspect you should pay attention to. This isn’t the only group of people whose feelings you want to take care of. Your employees are crucial for your business to be successful and you should show them that you care. A motivated and satisfied employee puts more effort into his work and does it more effectively. You can do a lot of things to motivate the employees; here is a list of some ideas.

Make the salaries attractive

What will make you a great boss if not rewarding your employees for all the hard work they’re doing? Making the salaries attractive doesn’t mean making them unrealistically good. It just means that your employees deserve more than a minimum wage. They must have lives outside the office and they deserve to have better living conditions.

Knowing that hard work will pay off plays a huge role in motivating. Even a small percentage raise will make a huge difference. The chores will be done quicker, but with higher quality, which is exactly what you want to achieve. 

Offer benefits 

If the idea of a bigger salary for each employee doesn’t go with your plans, you can make them happier with other benefits. Be ready to pay them the time off as much as they deserve. You can help to repay the student loans if they still haven’t repaid their debts.

If they have kids, cover for the child care costs. Maternity and paternity leaves should be well paid. This is the time your employees need more money and you should prove to them all they need. In return, they will show up at work happy and ready to be productive. You can do a lot of other things, such as pay for their gym membership or get them a work phone or laptop. You can choose an option suitable for the type of job they’re doing.

Set clear goals

To have successful cooperation, set clear goals. There has to be an understanding between you and workers for the business to be lucrative. Understanding has to be both on a personal and professional level. A disciplined work ethic can be accomplished with clearly defined objectives.

You don’t want to be a boring boss who can’t let anything happen without him. You don’t want to be an uninterested, unimpressed boss either. You have to find a balance to help your employees. Not every little thing has to be consulted with you, but some general directions are desirable.  If it is needed, you can always further explain something without imposing anything. Employees should have a sense of freedom and purpose when doing their professional chores.

Offer development opportunities

You don’t want your workers to feel bored with the job. New challenges should often be put before them. This will help them feel more interested, but it will also deepen their skills. Give them different assignments or new tasks to broaden their experience and help them uncover some hidden talents.

It’s important to retain the sense of serving some purpose. Getting into a routine doesn’t help or motivate in any way. On the other hand, career mentoring does. Providing employees with training opportunities shows them that they can make progress and helps them do the job more efficiently. 

Help them make progress

Nobody likes to stagnate for a long time. The same role in the business fo a long-time period may leave an employee uninterested and bored. This will most likely lead them to quit the job. This is one of the scenarios you don’t want in your office.

Make sure to always stimulate your workers by establishing career pathways for them. Include the management in a discussion of the options for growth. Do everything in agreement with the employees. Their aspirations and ambitions are the priority. 

Focus on company culture

The environment has a huge impact on a person’s mood. In a positive environment your employees won’t see their jobs as a burden, but as a fun way to contribute to the community and make money while doing so.

You should try to create a relaxed, inspiring ambiance in the office. Think about the goals and values of your business and act accordingly. Work on interpersonal relations in the office, encourage collaboration and teamwork. Team-building activities are a good means of creating bonds in the workplace. Treat everyone with respect and try to stir away from gossips or any other similar toxic behavior. 

Foster employee well-being

If you want your employees to put 100 percent of them in the job, you have to make sure that they have everything they need to do so. A relationship between a boss and an employee is crucial for successful cooperation.

For example, if your employee has little kids and has troubles in balancing a private and professional life, allow them to work from home. This will lead to a positive outcome since he or she will be able to do the job when and how she can while leaving time for other chores. 

Encourage positivity

This one may seem obvious, but the benefits of a positive attitude should be referred to. If you want your employees to be productive, you can motivate them just with your attitude. Show them that not everything is bad or tiring.

You can encourage them to meditate. Include talking about positive experiences in your daily conversations.  If they’re willing to share their examples, you did it right. Remember to always show your appreciation and gratitude, if not with acts, at least with words.

Be there for them and listen to them

Jobs are usually the main source of stress. The pressure just keeps showing up. If your workers have a problem, make sure that you’re approachable and that they won’t be afraid of talking to you. Addressing the issue in the right way can help to solve it.

If the deadlines are too tight and the employees have problems meeting them, think of necessary changes. Sometimes, workers can find themselves under too much responsibility and feel helpless. Show them that they can talk to you and that you will do everything you can to make their jobs easier for them.

Treat them as a family or a team

When it comes to the positive ambiance in the office, the biggest focus should be placed on interpersonal relationships. The people you work with will have a huge impact on your productivity. You do see them daily and they are a part of your life.

Treating the employees as a team or a family creates stronger bonds among them. Feeling that they belong there and that they are appreciated will be very advantageous for the job. If they start feeling isolated and unhappy, they may distance themselves from their coworkers. This could leave consequences on their productivity. 

Make employees feel valued 

If you start right with your workers in the beginning, you will have bigger chances of succeeding. Don’t ever treat them like numbers, parts of some statistics. They all have a name and a face, and you should treat them that way. 

If they see that you acknowledge them as individuals, they will respect you more, too. Showing them that their well-being is also one of your priorities is a big plus for you. Their contribution to the business is important and you have to make sure that they know how much you appreciate it. 

Tons of coffee

Coffee has been proven to help with concentration and productivity. Your employee’s mental performance will always be on point with the right amount of caffeine. Constantly reading, exploring, focusing on the facts can lessen concentration during the day. After a while, the letters start mixing and words have less and less meaning. 

Supply your workers with Lavazza Blue coffee pods to ensure that they are ready to take on any obstacle that comes in their way and finish their job in time. Their energy will be boosted and they will e ready to shine with new state of mind and alertness.

Always provide feedback

When a certain task is done, you want to provide the workers with detailed feedback. Whether the feedback is positive or negative isn’t important, but it is always beneficial. Positive comments boost confidence and motivate, while negative can be constructive and help if they are put in the right way.

The employees will appreciate you more if you are honest. This shows that you are professional and is respect-worthy. Every critique helps the workers. They know when to keep up the good work and when to change their approach. 

Work-life balance

To get the maximum of your workers in the office, you have to let them have personal lives too. Overworked employees aren’t really helpful. The quality of the work they do is questionable. Tired and sleep-deprived are not the words you would use to describe a happy and productive worker.

To reduce the risk of burnout among workers, shorten the business hours. Make sure that everyone leaves on time and that everyone comes in rested. Seeing that you care about their time management and other aspects of their life will motivate them. Allow more flexible business hours. A chance to organize the time on their own can be beneficial for the employees and the job. 

Recognize and celebrate their successes

You can increase your employees’ happiness by simple complimenting on their job. the employees are there to contribute to something bigger and telling them they’re doing a great job does a lot for their confidence.  

Employers often forget the benefits of a nice word. Improve your workers’ morale by reminding them that they are important and valued. Write them a note, an e-mail or call them. Choose any form you like, but always do it.


With happy and satisfied employees, your business has to bloom. They are the ones pushing it and executing everything you think of and plan. They have to be content with the working conditions so they can shine and reach their true potential. 

Liam Smith

Liam Smith is a young and aspiring Australian blogger with a passion for everything related to home, design and lifestyle. He has a B.Sc. in Interior design and is an avid reader.

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