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To track employee activities, top companies use employee monitoring software. This program provides many functions, including time tracking, computer monitoring, productivity level tracking, and proof of work.

Small and medium-sized enterprises have not used this kind of monitoring software so much. The reason is that they feel that such software is not needed at present. They also discovered that their organization consists of only a few people. In some cases, they also hire remote workers, but these people are also very small.

Productivity monitoring software is useful for all types of organizations, large and small. These monitoring tools are best suited for companies that hire remote workers. Another important aspect is that a supervisor or manager cannot always supervise all the workers in the company. Only by using monitoring software can you increase productivity. Sometimes you can choose the best free EMS software.

There are other concerns for SME owners. They don’t know much about the legality and morality of employee monitoring software. It must be told here that, except for a few countries, these tools are legal almost worldwide.

In any case, no company can ignore the benefits of using tracking tools to monitor computer activity. You may also be one of those people who don’t know much about these benefits. So, take a look at the five benefits of the best EMS software for SMEs

1. Security Enhancement

According to a survey conducted in 2017, data breaches by small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 61% of total corporate data breaches. Through employee activity monitoring software, you can track your employees and their activities very effectively. This way, you can resist any malicious threats. This means that you can keep your employees away from all sensitive materials that may be misused. You can also identify employees trying to download sensitive materials in real-time and handle the situation more wisely.

2. Increase productivity

Research confirms that after subtracting one hour of rest, employees spend 1.5 to 3 hours in private activities in 8-hour shifts, as the total working time is usually 9 hours. This means that approximately 25% to 40% of the time can be spent reading news, exploring social media sites, shopping, and doing private activities.

In today’s world, the best solution to increase productivity is implementing productivity monitoring software in the company. Research and surveys confirm that small and medium-sized enterprises have greatly improved their performance.

What is the reason for this? Then, employee monitoring software has a deterrent effect. When employees know that management wants to supervise them with the help of software, they feel pressured. They believe that management can inquire about their performance. In this case, they can anticipate the consequences. In this way, management plays a psychological game with employees, and it is usually the winner.

3. Save money in various ways

Time is a commodity, and a company should not waste it under any circumstances.

Therefore, if your employees waste time, you won’t get the profits you deserve. Therefore, if you monitor the computer activities of employees, you can increase the company’s productivity.

However, what we are discussing here is the contribution of productivity to profit. Therefore, if you want to save money and earn more income by improving employee productivity, you need the best EMS software, whether it’s free or paid.

What’s more interesting is that employee monitoring software helps you save time in many other ways. By using employee activity monitoring software, you can more effectively calculate the total working hours of employees. This will speed up the calculation of the payroll, which will also save you time. The best productivity monitoring software provides a salary calculator that can give you the results instantly.

4. Quality Control for our company

Quality control is one of the most important departments in small and medium enterprises. The reason is the value of customer satisfaction to these small businesses. However, you can monitor the emails, messages, and other written materials that your marketing team sends to potential and existing customers with the best EMS software. In this case, you can effectively solve any deficiencies.

5. Employee monitoring software also benefits employees

When management tried to persuade them to monitor computer activities, employees always expressed concern. They think the company does not trust them, so they plan to introduce productivity monitoring software. However, the reality is that employee activity monitoring software is beneficial to employees.

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rosetta ems
Rosetta Ems
The basic working of EMS productivity monitoring software is to track employee daily activities and restrict them from using non-productive websites. It also restricts the user to install alien software to the company systems.

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