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Engagement Ring
By OLIVIA RODRIGO 1,853 views

What Does An Engagement Ring Really Mean?

An engagement ring shows the depth of emotions that at times fail to culminate into words. To find out more about the engagement rings, go through the article and then buy the engagement ring for the special one.

What Makes an Engagement Ring Grab the Spotlight?

Be it the most expensive diamond engagement ring for your beloved or the gold and platinum engagement rings that you buy for the special day, an engagement ring catches the attention because:

  • It shows your feelings.
  • It is through the engagement ring that you make your relationship official.
  • Exchanging rings is a tradition before you formally say “I DO”.
  • Engagement ring in one of the prominent rings, and who doesn’t want to flaunt it.

How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring?

We know that engagement rings are the most candid form of expressing your feelings, but how will you buy the perfect engagement ring to make your beloved fall head over heels for you? That is something that needs a precise understanding of the taste of your special one, the lifestyle he/she has, and most importantly, how much are you willing to spend on the ring. Keep the following points in mind when you go shopping for engagement rings for him or her:

Ø  Don’t Blindly Follow the Trends: The engagement ring you buy will be there for years to come. So make sure you pick a classic and timeless piece that makes a statement instead of going for something that is trendy and flashy but doesn’t have the “Wow” factor. If your special one likes gold instead of diamond or platinum, pick it without hesitation.

Ø  Does Grade Matter: This is something you have to decide! While a colorless diamond of D grade is flawless, but does that mean it makes the ring look beautiful? Decide wisely, and just don’t go by the 4 Cs(cut, clarity, carat, and color)

Ø  Source of the Stone: This holds if you are buying diamond engagement rings because people love to hear the story behind the origin of the diamond and how the custom pieces were sourced. So if you want to add a little more spice to your relationship, intriguingly narrate the story to your better half and how far you went in procuring the perfect diamond engagement ring for the love of your life.

Ø  Is Size Everything: You need to put yourself through this test! Does size matter to you or your fiancé? If you think size is important, you can go low on color and clarity and if it doesn’t matter much, then go ahead with clarity and cut.

Ø  Which Setting do You Want: Choose the one that best suits the lifestyle of your beloved! You can select amongst prong, bar, channel, pave, bezel, or shared prong setting. Depending on how you want the diamonds to appear and dazzle, you can pick the one that meets your expectations. While selecting the setting, make sure that you opt for the one that reflects the style of the person wearing it.

Ø  Be Experimental: The day you propose will be etched in history, and if you want to bask in the glory of this special day, then do something unique and not predictable. Personalized engagement rings that have a unique style create magic and also show the gravity of your emotions. So instead of going by the book and sticking to the old-age norms. Design your engagement ring on your own, or you can seek the help of someone who knows it and come up with something as special as your better half.

Ø  Seek Help: Engagement ring shopping is not worth just a few Benjamins; it is a lot more than that. So talk to your friends about what exactly you are looking for and seek advice from those who have already shopped for the same.

Ø  Does Money Matter: This is a very relative statement, and there is no 2+2 formula to arrive at the value of “x.” While some may pay weight to this element, for others, the emotions attached to the ring are more important. Price tags are meant for those items where emotions don’t have a bigger role to play. But for things as intricate and as special as engagement rings, price tags are just a number that seldom plays a role.

From proposing at The Eiffel Tower to getting down on the knees at the Taj Mahal. The perfect engagement proposals are one of the fondest fantasies ever. An engagement ring is what you invest in for a picture-perfect proposal.

For more information on the perfect engagement ring, get in touch with our team, and we will guide you in selecting a classic and chic engagement ring that will make your special one stand in awe of your choice and taste.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is always writing something in a daily basis and share with the peoples. This is her hobby to write on different topics, especially on Jewelry. She enjoys reading and writing blogs, socializing, meeting people, and traveling.