Technology has evolved leaps and bounds over the previous decade. The last decade saw the rise of an everyday technology that included social media and smartphones which radically changed our day to day lives. Smartwatches and fitness trackers took over the fitness fields. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) developed from theory and actually became a reality. The term technology means the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes in business and industry. The first and the best step to venture into that field has always been Engineering. Engineering was of utmost importance from the start of our species and it still holds that prestige in the modern era. The B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree is a skill-oriented course that is usually 4 years duration. Various specializations include Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Computer Science, and other streams.

Though many institutions offer the degree, it is always best to look for premier institutes in the country when pursuing high profile courses such as B.Tech. Punjab University is one of the topmost institutes in India providing various degrees including Engineering. Established in 1962 in Patiala, Punjab it is one of the most prestigious and reputed universities in the country. Punjab University Patiala Admission process is through the Application forms PUCET UG and PUCET PG available for various courses at the university website.

As in most institutes, a higher secondary (10+2) education and qualifying for the entrance exam is the steps to get through the doors of Engineering. The entrance exams conducted by such reputed institutes are also curated such that students will have to constantly research and update themselves about the latest advancements in technology while also being strong on the foundation, i.e the basics. Such an exam pattern will make sure that the students are ready for the hectic life of Engineering even before they start. Almost all the entrance exams follow the same MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) pattern that is done by the Punjab University Patiala Admission Cell.

Completing B.Tech from a reputed institution means the student is employable and highly skilled. Top tier companies visit such institutes for hiring the best candidates for their future endeavors. The career opportunities for B.Tech graduates are quite high in technical fields as well as managerial fields. An Engineering graduate can get a good job in the public or private sector in the country while he/she is also eligible for jobs abroad. Besides starting their career as Engineers, B.Tech also gives them the versatility to be recruited as researchers, consultants, and even subject experts. They can also look for further studies and post-graduation to the fields of M.Tech (Master of Technology) and MBA (Master of Business Administration).

The promising job profiles also ensure a high salary for the engineers. For an undergraduate course, Engineering offers the highest salaries in the country. The numbers will begin to multiply as you accumulate experience in the field. The reputation of an Engineer is also high in society considering the fact that almost anything and everything we use in our day to day life is dependent on Engineering. Engineers and their work are of the most important in transforming the theoretical into practical which makes our lives better.

The investment required for such a degree is also high when considering the top institutes in the country. When looking at all the major universities in the country, Punjab University Patiala Fees structure is much better fabricated to suit all the sections of the community. The total fees for the course lie in the ₹2-2.5 lakhs range which is one of the most affordable of all the institutes providing the course in the country. Also, since the university is one of the premiers and/or top tier universities, the ROI (Return on Investment) will be much higher making this a worthy investment.  The university is providing all the modern facilities for the students. It boasts top-notch infrastructure on a very large campus with high-quality labs and the internet. Smart rooms are provided for a better understanding of topics for the students. The library consists of more than 6 lacs of books. The hostels are equipped with well-maintained rooms and high-speed Wi-Fi. There is also the presence of experienced and educated faculty in the college who are very supportive and are always ready to help the students in achieving their passion. Other medical and sports facilities are also provided by the university. Punjab University Patiala Fees structure also tends to the economically backward class and meritorious class with various scholarships and easily accessible loans. Therefore, the university is one of the best options to pursue your Engineering career in the country.

With the continuous improvement in technology and innovations like AI (Artificial Intelligence) coming up in a fast pace, Engineers are ever-present to lead the world into a bright future. The branch has been here since the early stages of humans and will be here until our final stages.

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