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Ebrahim Nateghi - Professional Project Manager
By EBRAHIM NATEGHI 2,473 views

Be A Professional Engineering Project Manager – Ebrahim Nateghi

Like everything whether it is a wagon or nature, everything requires coordination of moving parts to make things work just like that being a professional engineering project manager also requires coordination, and to be an engineering project manager, you have to be a maestro of it. There are many things that an engineering project manager has to master, calculating budget getting things on time, and, many more of that. Today myself Ebrahim Nateghi will tell you secrets, on how to become a good professional engineering project manager. I have a decade of experience in several industries including which pharmaceutical and industrial construction are majorly recognized. The most important thing that you entail to master to be a good engineering project manager is proper forecasting. Forecasting is as important as the designing and airtight physic without them no engineering phenomenon like hoover dam won’t be there. As the phrase goes the structure of a building should be strong, just like that most of the professional engineering managers have their background strong and concepts clear. It is nearly intolerable to handle complex engineering projects whether they want to work in mechanical, chemical or, civil project management.

Knowledge and experience are the keys

Most professional project managers have decades of experience and acquaintance. Project management is so hard that it takes decades of knowledge and practice to make yourself a good professional engineering project manager. If you want to be a good professional engineering project manager you have to follow step by step guide making yourself the best in that spot. We have to elect a path that can lead you to the heights of accomplishment you want to reach. The road to being an engineering project manager is long, filled with participants, but we have to choose what is best for us, go beyond the bare minimum and aim for success in the top echelons of engineering project managers.

Qualities of a good engineering project manager  

One of the most important qualities of a project manager should be leadership, a great leader always persuades his/ her team is never full of himself/herself. He should always carry his/her team and the projects in that were that no feud should be there and he should be focused towards his/her goal. He should always persuade his/her team. He should be able to distribute errands equally so that no one should have an excess burden of work. To be a good leader one should have a vision for the future, leaders should be able to connect the work on the ground to the bigger picture and provide the why behind everything they do. To be the best you have to accept your mistakes rather than pointing them at anyone, a good leader holds himself accountable for the mistakes he/she do. To be the best you have to learn from the best. And last but not least you should be loyal to your teamwork and hard work you can’t be a good and successful project manager if you are not loyal to yourself and your work. Get up do your work be loyal to yourself and now you are ready to be the best.

Ebrahim Nateghi

Experienced, self motivated and professional project manager and mechanical engineer with over a decade of experience in various industries including pharmaceuticals, industrial construction, fit out and defence. I take pride in being a fast learner.